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Skin First: March at Shop Good!

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Hi S/G Fam, Leah here!

Considering the growing complexities of our world, and maybe even the difficulty to “carry on as normal” as we witness the awful events occurring in Ukraine, things continue to feel uneasy. It’s been important to remind myself and my team that it’s ok to stop and let ourselves feel however we need to feel.

So, this month at Shop Good, not only will we remind you to take pause and feel (as well as invite you to take action with us – scroll to the bottom) but we’ll also be keeping things suuuper simple, so you can too.

All March long, we’re zeroing in on our largest organ. Our protective barrier against physical injury and hazardous substances. Our temperature regulator and our vehicle for keeping moisture in the body. And we’re placing it as priority number one.

Welcome to ‘Skin First’ at Shop Good!

Yes, our shop shelves house roughly 800+ products that can help support you in your total body wellness journeys. But when we stop and prioritize the incredible mechanisms that already exist within our very own skin’s barrier, we realize we already have so much of what we need to let our natural beauty shine.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be chatting all about how to nurture your skin’s own bio-individuality, simplistic and multi-tasking AM + PM routines and why it’s so beneficial to focus on your skin before any makeup that goes on top. We’ll go #BTS inside our SPA, dissecting the ‘why’ and ‘how’ our Estheticians place your skin first. We’ll feature the amazing women-owned brands and their founders who are making waves in the natural skincare space. And finally, we’ll get hands on (and in person!). The team at Kypris invites you in to become your own alchemist and custom craft a multi-tasking skin emulsion, just for YOU.

Let’s face it. With all we’re expected to carry these days, it’s only when we can stop, simplify and prioritize, that we’re able to make meaningful time for ourselves to pause, breathe and spread peace and love to others.


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