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2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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They helped us make it through the whirlwind of a 2020 (*whew*) and they continue to have our backs day in and day out.  This Mother’s Day, we think mommas and maternal figures everywhere deserve to feel a little extra love and appreciation. So, we’ve compiled a roundup of all the perfect clean gifts we know the moms in your life will L-O-V-E.

From the plant mom… to the new mom… to your mom squad. Read on to see what gifts we’re swooning over for those that have supported, nurtured and been there for you through it all.

For the New Mom / 

Kjaer Weis ‘Beautiful Eye Balm’ – With less sleep than ever, those dark circles that come with a newborn are *real*! This rich + results oriented eye balm soothes and moisturizes the tired-est of eyes while also visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines thanks to Sweet Almond + Rose Hip oil. Drop it off with a home cooked meal and the new mama in your life will definitely feel the love!

Agent Nateur ‘Holi(Mane)’ – AKA: the postpartum must. A favorite of our very own founder (and recent mom!) Leah, this oh-so clean ‘n’ simple formula has just two ingredients that make a massive impact on combatting 4th trimester hair loss — pearl powder and marine collagen. With bioavailable amino acids and trace minerals, this odorless powder is easily blended into mama’s smoothies or morning beverage of choice.

Redoux ‘Borage Ginseng Active Serum’ – Something new mamas are short on? Me-time! Give her a moment of daily TLC with this lightweight + versatile facial oil. Featuring a Geranium and Bergamot based scent profile, it’ll elevate her senses while rich plant oils like Squalane and Moringa replenish her natural glow.

For the Low-Maintenance Mom /

Ode to Self ‘Dusk’ – A quick to apply + simply luxurious multi-use oil that will simultaneously comfort her skin and senses. With a scent designed to transport you to South Carolina summer nights and a combo of powerful plant oils to heal cracked, dry and damaged skin, it’s the one-and-done body treat she can easily incorporate into her daily routine!

Kosas ‘Air Brow’ – Compactly packaged for a swipe on the go, this tinted brow gel will instantly lift + fill her brows, giving her a little extra ‘oomph’ above the mask! Perfect for the mom who stands by her daily three-product look, as well as the mom who prefer to go totally au natural.

Olio E Osso ‘Tinted Balm’ – The easiest skincare meets makeup product she’ll ever use! Available in both clear and three flattering tinted shades, this Shea + Beeswax based balm easily glides across lips, cheeks, hair… really everywhere! 

For the scent-obsessed mom /

Wonder Valley ‘Hinoki Body Oil’ – A truly luxurious scent-perience, this body oil makes the perfect gift for the moms who are obsessed with surrounding themselves with that perfect, defining scent. With rare notes of Siberian Fir + Japanese Hinoki, combined with Wonder Valley’s own Olive Oil, it deeply moisturizes to reveal soft, radiant skin while transporting the mind.

Biophilia ‘Heart of Gold’ – The gift that really says “I <3 you”! With a combination of Sesame, Black Cumin, Borage, and Rose, this oil was specially formulate to support the heart, spirit, body connection. Combine it with a heartfelt card about how much she means to you, and it’ll be a Mother’s Day gift she’ll always remember… and want to use over and over again!

H is for Love ‘Bara Balm’ – The ultimate skincare meets aromatherapy moment! Formulated with sebum-mimicking Jojoba Oil, this rich facial emollient will restore hydration to the even the driest of skin without clogging pores. Plus, the uplifting hero ingredients of chamomile, lemon, and tamanu will have your mama savoring every last drop.

For the eco-savvy mom /

Shop Good ‘Reusable Cotton Rounds’ – Our latest + greatest addition to the S/G line, these reusable bamboo and cotton rounds are just as kind to skin as they are to planet! Perfect for removing makeup, applying toner and more, without the daily waste! Just toss in the wash or hand-cleanse in the sink and endlessly reuse.

Axiology ‘Lip-To-Lid-Balmies’ – The ultimate zero-waste, zero-time product for the eco-friendly mom on the go! Available in a three pack, these crayons are packed with healing oils + antioxidants and are designed to swipe across eyes, lips and cheeks — for a cruelty-free and plastic-free color pop!

Lesse ‘Refining Cleanser’ – A gently exfoliating daily cleanser for all skin types! It wakes up mamas’ skin and gives a quick exfoliating treatment while never over stripping. Fun fact: Lesse is on track to be carbon-neutral by 2024! Give her the gift of a refreshing moment to herself each day.

For the product maximalist mom /

Living Libations ‘Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum’ – This mama loves the luxe skincare vibes…and we’re here for it! Fit for the queen that your mom is, this serum uses cold-pressed Rosehip Seed oil, Immortelle, and plenty of CoQ10! Supportive + restorative for mature skin, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, dryness and aging to leave her glowing!

Tata Harper ‘Elixir Vitae’ – AKA: the ultimate wrinkle solution. Packaged in a oh-so-fabulous gold toned bottle, this formula uses the most powerful plants to plump the skin and restore elasticity. Think of it as the fountain of youth in a bottle…

Goopglow ‘Microderm Exfoliator’ – Bringing the spa treatment straight to her bathroom! Using micro-exfoliating minerals like quartz, garnet, and silica, this luxe face mask delivers physical + chemical exfoliation to reveal brighter + transformed skin! Great for mama’s who love to try the latest spa trends!

For Your Mom Squad / 

Clary Collection ‘All Purpose Balm’ – For your mom squad that still has little ones! This tiny tub goes far with treating cracked skin, dry lips, burns, scrapes, and bug bites…there’s basically nothing it can’t do! With mama + baby safe ingredients like Lavender, Plantain and Calendula, it’s the perfect multi-use product for her and her tiny sidekick.

Goop ‘Scalp Scrub’ – They say that the best gift to give is the gift that you secretly want…and we all want this scalp scrub. Using a combo of pink salt + soothing plant oils it detoxes and heals all at once! Plus, with invigorating scents of Peppermint and Geranium, it turns a quick hair wash day into a full blown self care treat!

Cleban & Daughters ‘Nocturne Tincture’ – Give her the gift of a GOOD night’s sleep. Covering the full spectrum of what keeps you up at night (which for mama’s, the list is loooong), this tincture brings on the zzzz‘s and the quiets the mind with Passionflower, Skullcap, and California Poppy.

For the Plant Mom /


Botnia ‘Flower Powder Mask’ – For mamas who tend their garden like it’s their baby…this mask is the perfect gift. With just Chamomile + Rose Hips and Colloidal Oats, this simple combo of botanicals actively calms, brightens, and soothes the skin — something that every plant + human mama could use!

Veyali ‘Purify Botanical Mist’ – Locally made in San Diego, this spray of Palo Santo and Cypress sets a lingering serene mood for any moment. Perfect for misting across hair, yoga mats and linens. It’s like a botanical garden in a bottle.

Noshaba Apothecary ‘Waters of Root Flora’ – Sustainably grown plants are the star of this bottle! This renewing tonic is like a tincture for your skin. Formulated with Petitgrain, Thyme, and Blue Chamomile hydrosols, it gently unclogs pores and fades hyper pigmentation. It’s a must have for dry or uneven skin!

For the Holistically-Minded Mom /

Sun Potion ‘Pearl Powder’ – A traditional Chinese beauty staple, pearl is often praised for its ability to induce a truly radiant glow. With high antioxidant + anti-inflammatory abilities (as well important amino acids!), it’ll wow the herbal mama in your life and support her from the inside out!

Golde ‘Pure Matcha’ – Give her the gift of an energy boost…without the unwanted crash! With naturally occurring L-Theanine, matcha is a great alternative to coffee as it provides a caffeine lift with a more stable, gradual effect. P.S. gift it along with the Peal Powder above for a dream beauty blend!

Wooden Spoon Herbs ‘Herbal Coffee’ – Perfect for the mama in your life who definitely can’t live without her morning cup of Joe but wants a gentler pick me up! This symbiotic concoction of Chicory Root, Dandelion Root, Maca Root and more, is a gut friendly bevvy that makes the perfect caffeine free treat for any + all mamas!

For the Mom that Deserves a Spa Day (AKA: Every Kind of Mom!) / 

Shop Good ‘At-Home Facial Package’ – Bring the spa to her this year! Available in three sizes, each includes two hand-mixed masks shipped nationwide, straight to her door by our team of talented Holistic Estheticians.  Nothing says “you deserve it” quite like a completely customized spa night in.

A Shop Good ‘Facial’ – Calling local San Diegans! With our recently revamped spa menu, you can gift her a moment of total rest, relaxation and #skingoals in our Del Mar or North Park spas. Just call either of our San Diego shops to purchase a facial gift certificate!


Truth is: moms and maternal figures showed up HARD last year. They brought new babies into the world during a very tumultuous time. They answered the phone again and again to remind us things would be okay. They homeschooled. They worked from home with little ones underfoot. They brought the joy and the comfort — just like they always do. So to the moms and caretakers everywhere, thank you. For making the world a brighter and better place.


The Shop Good Team.

P.S. Order by May 4th 2021 for on-time delivery!