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Soak up ALLLL of your Nutrients


A few years back, I was sitting in my dentist chair, getting a routine cleaning and chatting all things health and wellness with my hygienist. She was ahead of her time, making bone broth for the office, cultivating black market cultures for homemade kefir and gulping down kombucha on the regular. Safe to say, this woman had a voracious appetite for healing the gut. I’ll never forget that she was the one who unveiled to me the GI tract as the second brain. Science wholeheartedly agrees. Harvard Health Publications declared, “the brain and the GI tract are so intimately connected, they should be viewed as one system.”

Emotional stress can develop into physical stress, culminating to a physiological response that constricts our systems from enveloping food’s strength and goodness. When our body rejects the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it can often feel like we are insatiable with hunger. Deficiencies can snowball into a vicious cycle; for example, being deficient in B-vitamins can cause other problems, as they are necessary to absorb amino acids which are the building blocks of all hormones.

With this in mind (pun intended), it’s important to understand the correlation of what we eat and HOW we eat. The pattern of eating in an unconscious manner, fraught with anxiety, depression, stress, guilt, and shame, in turn, can halt the breakdown of food for all its nutrients and vitality. Meaning, no matter how many green juices and chlorella tablets and watermelon radishes we are munching on, our bodies may not be soaking up all that edible magic. More and more research is shining a light and connecting the dots to the mind-body connection. Which, begs the question: how can we continue to heal the gut and fortify our lives with the good vibrations necessary to bypass malabsorption?

– Hydrate!

The taxing work of digestion requires lots of water in the GI tract, which is why we are major advocates of water, water, water! It is also hugely beneficial to consume foods that are already high in water content, like cucumbers, radishes, and lettuce.

-Shake it!

Not only can stress be a culprit for malabsorption, but there may also be pernicious toxins and bacteria playing in the gut. If you’re into multi-tasking, we recommend sweating out the toxins through your pores and freeing yourself from heavy stress by moving and exercising in any form that makes you happy. One of our favorites as of late? Reformer pilates! It’s an absolute must, according to clean beauty crusader and Skin Remedy founder, Justine Kahn.

-Bless it!

Create the scene for an abundant, loving meal. Make it a spiritual experience, with candles, plates(what a concept!), music, and whatever company makes your heart full. Eat slowly, mindfully and with pleasure. For more on intuitive eating, click here.

If you still have questions about how to unlock optimum health and discover the best version of yourself, get connected with Leah and her highly-specialized programs that transform, enlighten and get ya good + glowy. Learn more here!


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