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The 2020 Shop Good Gift Guide



CLEAN BEAUTIES EVERYWHERE, it’s official: That yule tide glow is upon us! 2020 has been a year like no other, so we’re bringing you our best ever gift guide to make sure that this holiday season is truly unprecedented.

At Shop Good, we know that the best gift you can give is health, wellness, and last but not least…glowy skin. This carefully curated guide is here to make it easy for you to find clean, effective and *oh-so* pampering products that everyone on your GOOD list is sure to love!

Here’s how we broke it down: For Your Sis / For Your BFF / For Your Mom / For the New Momma / For Your Fave Zoom Coworker / For Your Boss / For Your Man / Grab + Go Gifts / Gifts Under $20 / For Anyone on Your List / Shop Good’s Local San Diego Faves /

For Your Sis

Papaya Mask Bright Face Mask – Golde: Give your sis the perfect mask for #selfiesundays with this brightening face mask. Formulated with lucuma, papaya and Vitamin C, she’ll feel like she’s on a tropical vacation from the comfort of her own bathroom!

Acid Potion – Moon Juice: Packed with five different glow revealing acids and adaptogenic botanicals, this product will be the new star-winning product in your sister’s routine. AHA + BHA help encourage cell turnover while Reishi and Niacinamide help hydrate and fight signs of oxidative stress. Not to mention, the adorable name and packaging make it the perfect present for your sister who is astrology obsessed!

Pearl – Sun Potion: After this marathon of a year, give your sis the gift of of some extra support this holiday season. “Pearl is a revered longevity food that has been used for centuries by Taoist Herbalists to support one’s inner and outer radiance”. Packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and a plenty of mineral like calcium, zinc, iron, and more, this gift will help re-nourish and support the nervous system from the inside out.

The Sun Show, Moisturizing Baked Bronzer – Kosas: A.K.A. your sister’s new can’t-live-without make-up product! Formulated with shea butter and totally talc-free, this powdered yet moisturizing bronzer gives that perfect golden-hour finish.

A Daily Healing Journal – Begin Within: For your sis who has been struggling with health issues as of late whether they be physical, chronic, mental, or otherwise. This beautifully and intentionally created journal allows the documentation of mood, nutrition, medications, accomplishments, and more, all with a focus on gratitude and self-love.

Cacao Antioxidant Mask – Josh Rosebrooks: Can you say “phytonutrient plant synergies” five times fast? This treatment mask is a powerful tool for rejuvenating all types of skin thanks to it’s synergistic combination of Cacao, rich antioxidants, and powerful plant oils such as Baobab Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Marula Oil and so many others!

For Your BFF

Oil to Milk Cleanser – Cocokind: The go-to gift for your “always busy” friend who you know needs to double cleanse! This *oh-so* gentle oil cleanser magically turns into milk upon contact with water leaving a soft, clean finish. Plus it’s star ingredient, Fermented Oat, helps facilitate a healthy skin microbiome allowing good bacteria to thrive and fight against external stressors. The ultimate multi-tasker just like your #bossbabe bestie!

The Big Clean Volumizing + Lash Care Mascara – Kosas: The perfect introduction to clean beauty for your friend who maybe isn’t quite ready to give up her conventional favorites. This cult favorite by Kosas not only lengthens and volumizes, it actively helps support natural lash growth and hair repair with powerful plant compounds like Castor Oil and Provitamin B5 + Biotinyl Tripeptide-1!

Rose Quartz Gua Stone – Honey Belle: Rose Quartz is often called the friendship crystal making it the perfect gift for any one of your BFFs! Combine the crystal’s emotional effect with the visible results of gua sha (a massage technique originating from Chinese beauty rituals and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and you’re sure to make your bestie feel the love this season.

Luminizer – RMS: For your bestie who prefers the “au natural” make-up look, but still loves a little glow! Available in four shades, this magical highlighter can be applied easily with fingers and is the “ultimate illuminator for ethereal lit from within beauty.”

Scrub Face Mask – Linne Botanicals: The perfect added support for your long-distance BFF who could use some TLC. This exfoliating mask contains all sorts of powerful botanicals like Sugar Maple, Chamomile, and Bilberry Extract to help slough off the heaviness of the year while calming skin inflammation and revealing a beautiful complexion. Sea sponge included!

Things Are Looking Up Optimism Deck: Real talk: we’ve all been feeling it this year. This beautifully illustrated 52-card deck is created upon the holistic and scientific practices of gratitude and optimism. A wonderful gift for your BFF who has been really going through it in 2020.

For Your Mom

Wisdom Oil – Botnia: Acknowledge your momma’s wisdom while also giving her the gift of a nutritive and regenerative boost to her skincare routine! Formulated with Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, and Raspberry Oils, this oil blend supports mature skin while simultaneously fighting free radicals.

Restorative Eye Creme – Tata Harper: Age is just a number. Remind your momma how youthful she is with this multi-correctional and youth-giving eye cream that kicks fine lines, dryness, and dark circles to the curb!

GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid + Fruit Extracts Overnight Glow Peel – Goop: If your momma is like mine, then she has a hard time carving out enough “me-time” to make a trip to the spa. These overnight acid peel pads are inspired by professional chemical peels bringing the spa right to her beauty sleep! Powerful ingredients like Glycolic Acid and Australian Kakadu work together to leave her waking up feeling moisturized, soft, and glowy.

Glow Inner Beauty Powder – The Beauty Chef: This award-winning, bio-fermented formula is the perfect added boost for your momma this season. Designed to support gut health, collagen synthesis, and beauty from the inside out she is sure to love it!

Holi(Body) Ageless Body Serum – Agent Nateur: Perfect for the mom who says she “just wants a hug” this holiday season. Gift her this pampering body oil complete with Rosehip Oil and Apricot Oil to give her a hug from her head to her toes.

‘Sane Mama’ Roller Blend – The Modern Mamahood: Give your momma a boost of aromatherapy as she steps into this upcoming holiday season + new year. This simple, yet effective, blend of Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Bergamont, and Orange Peel provides a grounding and calming scent that she keep in her purse for whenever she needs a moment of support.

For the New Momma

SuperBeauty – Moon Juice: Conveniently encapsulated, this beauty boost is the perfect easy addition for the new momma in your life! Glutathione, Vitamins C + E, and Astaxanthin (an antioxidant sourced from microalgae) create this raved-about formula that promotes collagen production and cell vitality with visible results in just four weeks.

Nocturne Mist – Cleban & Daughters: Sleep can be hard to come by for new mommas for a variety of reasons, not excluding post-partum anxiety. Unfortunately, lots of anxiety + sleep remedies are ingestibles making them unsafe for breastfeeding mommas. Not so with this mist from Cleban & Daughters! With scents of Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, and Lavender, it invites rest and recuperation to an anxious body and mind. A must-have for the new momma or momma-to-be on your list!

Sommer Face Serum – Noshaba Apothecary: As one reviewer said, this gift is “literally liquid gold.” Formulated with raw ingredients from the founder’s garden and ethically sourced worldwide, this detoxifying skin serum will have the new momma in your life feeling nourished and radiant by assisting with a variety of skin woes from inflammation and texture to fine lines and irritation.

Mainstay – Everyday Oil: A must-have staple for momma and baby! This signature formula by Everyday Oil contains a variety of cold-pressed oils such as Argan, Palo Santo, Clary Sage, Coconut, and more. The scent is uplifting, calming, and moisturizing all in one — making it the perfect multitasker for a busy new momma.

Mama Relax Oat Bath – Erbaviva: Sea salt, Avena Sativa kernal flour, Lavender oil, Lemon Peel oil. This simple powdered formula is the perfact relaxation escape for the new or expecting momma. With just a 1/4 cup needed per bath, she can slip into the soothing waters for a moment of peace and quiet.

Tinted Face Oil – Kosas: A.K.A the “sweatpants of foundations.” A clean beauty game changer for the sleep-deprived new momma on your list! This easy makeup must-have also works as skincare with six replenishing oils that simultaneously moisturize, tone, and conceal leaving a velvety finish.

For Your Fave Zoom Coworker

Matcha Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend – Golde: Give your work wife a boost to her WFH morning routine with this cult favorite matcha blend. Featuring glow-inducing antioxidants, jitters-free caffeine, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moroccan Blue Tansy + Egyptian Chamomile Beauty Butter – 54 Thrones: The perfect gift for when she needs a mid-work day reset. With soothing scents of Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile, this deep blue butter not only moisturizes but also helps ease emotional anxiety and stress.

“The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak – Goop: Regardless of your industry or job title, most of us feel like we’ve been through the trenches at work with all of 2020’s ups, downs, and pivots. Treat your work bestie to this spa-like bath soak so all of work-related tension can just melt away.

Laid Bare Eye Palette – Lily Lolo: Oil free? Non-drying? Comfortable for all skin types? Yes, please!! While you may have only seen her through a screen this year, remind your work bestie how fierce and gorgeous she always looks with this flattering and easy to use eye shadow palette.

Lip Glace – H is for Love: Lipsticks weren’t made to be worn under masks. But this Lip Glace is the perfect PPE proof lip wear whether your work bestie is on calls all day or running errands! It’s colorful, moisturizing, and meant to be worn a little smudged in that oh-so-classic French girl style.

Sleep Peel – Moss Mornings: The perfect gift for working-moms and anyone who doesn’t have a ton of time to devote to their nightly skin care routine! Moss Mornings’ Sleep Peel is simultaneously hydrating and exfoliating with a next-day glow that is truly unparalleled. Not to mention, at only $32 for a 12-pack it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

For Your Boss

Nude, Naturally Lipstick – Kjaer Weis: Silicone-free, luxuriously packaged, and the most flattering natural shades. I think we’ve all felt a little off in our Zoom makeup routines this year, so this buttery formula is sure to leave your boss feeling pampered and on top of the world!

Elixa Bath and Body Serum – The Established: The must-have wishlist item as we head into the cold, dry, and windy winter months ahead. With a long list of rich oils like Camellia Seed, Camelina, Jojoba and more, it’s sure to become your boss’ new favorite!

Resurfacing Mask – Tata Harper: Suitable for all skin types, this facial-in-a-jar instantly restores that glow we’re all looking for. Not to mention, the gold and green is so festive this time of year! Just add a little red bow to the top (or take advantage of our in-store wrapping) and you’re good to go!

Hand Cream – Olio e Osso: This ultra-rich hand cream makes the perfect gift for the new boss who you don’t quiiiteee know that well. Made without harmful ingredients like lanolin and packed full with nutrients from shea butter, beeswax, and more, this hand cream is the perfect addition to your holiday shopping list!

Undaria Algae Body Oil – Osea: Packed with iodine rich Brown Marine Algae, Babassu and other super-hitter ingredients, this oil is the ultimate daily self-care moment. Perfect for a post shower dry brushing routine for your health-nut boss or great to keep at the WFH desk for a quick midday moisture moment.

Diffuser – Vitruvi: Whether or not your company has plans to move back into the office ASAP or have committed to WFH-ing for the time being, this artfully-crafted stone diffuser is the ultimate office ambiance gift. Gift on its own or pair with a few of our in-shop (+ online!) Vitruvi essential oils.

For The Man

Blue Tansy Cream – Berlin Skin: Is your man just as obsessed with skincare as you are? Either way, he is going to fall in love with this new addition by Berlin Skin. Anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating, its the perfect treatment for all winter skin woes from maskne to dullness and dryness.

Beard Oil – Province Apothecary: Even Santa himself needs a little TLC for that big beard! Gift your man this woodsy blend of super clean oils that will quickly absorb while strengthening and softening that beard he’s been sporting since no-shave November.

Black Algae Mask – Osea: Remember those harsh pore-stripping nose strips? Say helloooo to the clean non-irritating version of those! This flash mask is the perfect low-maintenance self care moment for instant radiance and results.

Herbal Coffee – Wooden Spoon Herbs: Can’t get your man to give up his daily 3 cups of coffee even though you know his adrenals need a moment? This powdered, microbiome-friendly energy elixir is the perfect swap for those afternoon cups and will leave him bolstered with sustainable energy that doesn’t crash.

Detox Body Scrub, Tea Tree + Grapefruit – Palermo Body: BRB, adding to my shopping list real quick as this is my man’s personal favorite! With an invigorating and revitalizing scent, this dead sea salt + pumice stone based scrub is the perfect pick me up for dry skin or just a needed post-holiday detox!

Recover – Leef Organics: Formulated with the intention of an herbal approach to recovery, this roll-on CBD is the perfect relief for your man who struggles with aches, pains or sore muscles. Super easy to apply and can conveniently live in his gym bag! (*in stores only*!)

Grab + Go Gifts

Organic Sheet Mask – Orgaid: The perfect go-to gift for anyone on your list! Because who doesn’t love a Sunday night sheet mask moment? Not to mention these four-packs are easily divided to make the perfect stocking stuffers!

Turmeric Botanical Bar – Redoux: 100% vegan and handmade, these soaps make the perfect little something for everyone on your list from teachers to neighbors and everyone in between.

The Full Moon Sachets – Moon Juice:  Has your acupuncturist/personal trainer/holistic chiropractor/*insert your lifeline here* totally kept you going through 2020s twists and turns? This “adaptogens for everything” package by Moon Juice makes the perfect gift for all the people on your list who have supported you in a multitude of ways this year. Featuring sachets that support beauty, brains, sex, power, spirit, and dreams, this gift is sure to leave your support feeling appreciated this season.

Mask Bowl, Mask Headband and Mask Brush – Shop Good: Give the gift of at-home facial essentials! Our handcrafted ceramic bowls give an elevated air to mask mixing while our headband keeps hair tucked back and the S/G brush makes application easy! Pair with your loved one’s favorite mask or gift on their own!

Soy-Wax Candles – Slow North: Available in scents of Eucalyptus + Lavender, Geranium + Rose, and Rosemary + Lemon, these clean candles feature 100% essential oil fragrances and cotton wicks making it easy to give your loved ones the gift of breathing easy and relaxation without the worry of added chemicals and harmful toxins from conventional candles.

Pink Clay Konjac Sponge – Wyld Skincare: This adorable stocking-stuffer size, ultra-soothing, French pink lay exfoliating sponge helps purify pores without causing dryness and irritation. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Wash – Shop Good: Maybe I’m a little biased, but this body wash is going to everyone on my nice list this year! In sleek minimal packaging and scents of Eucalyptus Grapefruit + Sandalwood Rose, this gift is the ultimate way to bring some revitalizing moisture to everyone’s daily routine!

Sleep Peel – Moss Mornings: In case you couldn’t tell, we’re really in love with this stuff around here. Give your loved ones the gift of unclogged pores and truly powerful beauty sleep. With 12 individually packaged peels, this easily dividable product makes a great stocking stuffer!

Things Are Looking Up Optimism Deck: Let’s be real…we could all use a pick me up and beacon of hope after this topsy turvy year. Beautifully illustrated and easy to store in an office drive, glove compartment, bedside table or anywhere one might need a pick me up!

Gifts Under $20

Pore Refining Concentrate – Cocokind: Perfectly packaged in a recyclable tube that’s made from sugarcane materials for your eco-friendly + sustainability advocate friend! This concentrated formula helps refine pores with results that immediately visible and build over time.

Turmeric Tonic – Cocokind: A wonderful gift for any teenagers on your list. This tiny wonder helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark spots, or post-acne scarring. Best part? This spot treatment is vegan, gentle, and totally invisible meaning it can easily be applied on the go at any time of day.

All Natural Infused Masks – KNC Beauty: These Retinol Infused Eye Mask + Collagen Infused Lip Mask are the best beauty boosters that everyone on your nice list is going to fall in love with! Not to mention, a little lip mask doesn’t hurt for all that mistle toe smooching and an eye mask is a must-have after a late NYE night.

Tea – Bon Temps: Adorably packaged with quality you can see, these teas make the perfect tiny gift and are oh-so perfect for chilly days. Available in three types // Chai, Green, and White // there’s the right option for everyone!

Good Stuff Pouch – Shop Good: Looking to reduce wrapping paper waste this season? Our custom designed zipper pouch works as the best gift bag or makes an adorable gift all on its own!

Hydrosols – Wildcare: All intentionally crafted and affordably priced at less than $20, these hydrosols make an adorable gift for skincare junkies, headache sufferers, or anyone truly! Purple Majesty Lavender features antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties while also being extremely soothing and calming. Lemon Light uplifts moods during seasonal transitions and is wonderful for people who suffer from S.A.D. or brain fog. Palo Santo is a sacred wood that has been used medicinally and spiritually by Indigenous Central and South Americans for centuries. It’s rich and cleansing scent is perfect for the creative and spiritual people in your life. Rosemary + Basil this dynamic duo is analgesic and anti-inflammatory which may improve eczema and other minor skin conditions. In other words, there’s a right fit for everyone!

Essential Face Wipes – Ursa Major: These 4-in-1 wipes put all other makeup wipes to shame. Cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate all in one swipe! All individually packaged, making them the cutest and most useful multi-tasking little stocking stuffers!

Kosasport Lipfuel – Kosas: The lip balm they’ve been waiting for. Available in three shades, this ultra-hydrating, gel-like powerhouse of Konjac Root and Hyaluronic Acid is going to make it on to their top 5 favorite gifts this season!

Dry Brush – Shop Good: The biggest wellness practice we’ve been pushing this season? Dry brushing! With benefits ranging all the way from lymphatic drainage and exfoliation to cellulite reduction and relaxation, this 5-minute pre-shower activity is the gift that keeps on giving. Gift the brush on it’s own or pair with one of our favorite body oils listed above!

For Anyone on Your List

A Shop Good Facial: Pretty sure that everyone wrote “Shop Good Facial” in their letters to the North Pole this year, right? Right. With San Diego locations in Del Mar + North Park give the gift of pampering and #skingoals at the hand of our Holistic Estheticians.

At-Home Facial Package – Shop Good: For the non-San Diegans on your list or loved ones who are high-risk and unable to visit our spas in person…you can still give the gift of glowing skin and TLC! Simply select a skin type from the drop down box and let our top-tier Estheticians work their back bar magic through customized masks and treatments.

Shop Good’s Local San Diego Gifting Faves

Buy Black SD – Greater San Diego Area: This free online resource is a great directory for locating Black owned brands to support and spend your gifting budget with! Black businesses hire a significantly higher percentage of Black people than non-Black owned businesses. And as we seek to lower unemployment and increase economic independence, this should inspire us to support Black-owned brands, especially during these difficult times as unemployment is higher than it was just a few months ago. Further, Black entrepreneurs struggle to access the resources to bring successful businesses into our communities and supporting Black-owned businesses will further provide the resources they need to thrive. Spending money with Black brands will help shine light on the disproportionate resources available to Black owned businesses so that we can focus on ways to improve this institutional inequality.

Pigment – North Park + One Paseo: Conveniently located right next door to both of our Shop Good locations, this adorable retail + plant shop has everything you need to finish up your holiday shopping list!

Landmark Plant Co. – Encinitas + Oceanside: For our North County San Diego #cleanbeautybabes. Swing by either one of their very #Instagrammable and women-owned locations and pick up a plant baby to gift or Baggu for low-waste wrapping!

Five Space Shop – North Park: A Black Owned record shop with a super vast Hip Hop selection! Make an appointment to stop by and grab a gift for your vinyl-obsessed loved one or make a date out of it and take them there to pick out their own gift. Then, swing by the next step on our list to spend some quality time together….

Oliver Coffea – North Park: Featuring the yummiest treats with a wide assortment of gluten free and vegan options! Also, they have COVID-friendly outdoor tables making it a great stop to spend some quality time catching up with your people over a hot drink this season.

Van De Vort – One Paseo: This artfully curated shop of women’s fashion is filled with the latest styles that every fashionista in your life will love!

Noble Carriage – San Diego: This adorable online shop carries the best organic baby clothes making it the perfect stop for new moms and new babies!

Nomad Donuts – North Park: Our North Park neighbor is always whipping up the best sweet treats and eats! Support a local BIPOC owned business this season with one of their E-Gift Cards and treat someone on your list to a dozen of their highly sought-after donuts.

Native Poppy – South Park + Solana Beach: Your new must-stop for the most stunning hostess flower arrangements and other gifts this season!

The You Studio – Little Italy: In case there’s one person on your list you forgot this year…you! This black-owned massage therapy studio is the perfect way to pamper yourself before heading into the busy season. Or, book your post-holiday appointment now so you have a healing moment of relaxation too look forward to once the festivities wind down.

Home Ec – Bankers Hill: The must-stop for shopping location for all the home cooks in your life. Featuring everything from kitchen decor, ornaments, cookbooks, artesian supplies and more!

Threadspun – Encinitas: An ethical boutique right off the 101 featuring a wonderfully curated collection of apparel, home decor, and thoughtful gifts.


And that’s a wrap clean beauties! We hope this 2020 Holiday Gift Guide has added some ease to the busy season ahead and we cannot wait to celebrate with you! For any gift advice, further inspiration, or more customized shopping feedback — swing by one of our shop locations for one-on-one consultations with our team of product experts. Here’s to hoping your holidays are filled with health, love and light.

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