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Skin School: October at Shop Good!


Happy October, Shop Good Friends! 

Leah, here!


For me, October has always been a balancing act of rooting down… and speeding up as we prep for our birthday (we’re turning 4!) and the Holiday Season here at Shop Good! It’s also a month to begin reflecting on the year – in ways I have grown and all I have learned over the (particularly difficult) last 12 months. 


Learning is never ending… we are always students of life! It’s one of the reasons why education has been a chief priority at Shop Good. And when it comes to our largest organ… there is a VAST amount to know. Layer on the fact that we are all bio-individually unique, and it’s up to each of us to study our skin and become experts on it’s likes, dislikes and its interconnectedness with the rest of our physical and emotional bodies.


So, without further ado, (cue the obnoxious bell)… school is IN SESSION at Shop Good. We’re going back to basics! Studying the fundamentals! To really learn and know our skin! Our team of Product Experts and Holistic Estheticians have prepared your syllabus, study guides and pop quizzes for the month – all within the subject of s k i n. 


Get ready. You’re officially enrolled in SKIN SCHOOL this October at Shop Good!


From our glossary of skin terms, to our back-to-basics demos, to the science-backed ‘flash cards’ of ingredients, skin chemistry and more. Our goal is to see each of you graduate as your skin’s very own advocate, expert and BFF. 


Bonus! For extra support, our skin-teachers AKA Holistic Estheticians will go LIVE for A’s to all your skin Q’s. And they’ll hold ‘Office Hours’ during three Saturdays this month to tutor you (and treat you!) via mini facials targeting skin concerns like sensitivity, dullness and acne. Deets below!


In case you’re wondering, there will be tests!  But don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers at Shop Good’s #skinschool. Because when it comes to your unique skin type, tone, texture, age or it’s innate behavior, it’s our bio-individuality that makes us each truly special. 




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