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Sharpen up your tools!

purple brushes

We take our clean beauty seriously.  But this attention to ‘clean’ goes beyond the ingredients in our bottles, pumps and jars.  As much care placed on selecting our next all-natural BB Cream should also be placed on tools that get the job done for us every morning! And we’ve got 2 effortless ways to sharpen up those unassuming brushes perched upon your countertops or swimming in your makeup bag, al natural.

As you float…or rush (we like float better) through weeks of your morning beauty routine, bacteria, oil, dirt and other build-up finds an ill-favored safe haven within your makeup brush bristles. Without the proper maintenance, brushes can become the key culprit of the skin issues like improper oil production, skin cell blockage, breakdown of collagen, breakouts and skin irritation.

Give your brushes the love they deserve!  Give your skin the freedom to breathe! And skip the harsh brush cleaners that wreak extra stress on your skin!

Beware of Alcohol and other common Chemicals in Brush Cleaners

Steer clear of brush cleaners or makeup removers listing their first ingredient as alcohol. An alcohol based formula disrupts your skin’s natural oil barrier which leaves the skin stripped and exposed to irritants, bacteria and allergens.  Other common first ingredients in brush cleaners: Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Disodium EDTA, both known to be highly toxic to the endocrine system. No thanks.

Here’s how we’re loving up and sudsing up on our makeup brushes – keeping bacteria at bay and chemicals far away.

Clean brushes with this mixture 1x per month:

  1. One cup warm water
  2. Two tablespoons Castile soap

Clean brushes with this mixture 1x every 3 months:

  1. One cup warm water
  2. 20 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
  3. Two Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar

How to: Dip your brushes in the warm mixture, soak for a few minute and then rinse thoroughly. Blot and gently dry each brush with a clean towel and let air dry completely before restoring in your #beautyfood bag or cabinet.

Extra tip: If you own real hair brushes add in 1 teaspoon of Sweet Almond, Coconut or Olive Oil to each recipe to nourish the bristles. Not only will this keep them soft but will prolong the life of your beauty tools!

Ok, now this is clean beauty.

Questions or have an experience with cleaning your beauty tools naturally? Give us a shout in the comments below!

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