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Your Shop Good Approved Skin Type Quiz


Dream of consistently radiant skin? It all starts with understanding your unique skin type. Each one of us possesses different textures, tones, concerns and goals! And in order to treat your largest organ right and see results, we think truly knowing the in’s and out’s of your skin can be pretty darn powerful. Skip the hours of scrolling on Google and money spent on products that aren’t working the way you had hoped. We think, knowing your skin should be accessible and enjoyable… and our skin experts are here to help.

While your skin uniquely adapts to the many factors in your specific lifestyle, a great start to taking charge of your skin is understanding which major category you fall under.  So, we created our Shop Good Approved  ‘Skin Type Quiz’ to help you nourish a serious and juicy relationship with your skin.  Once your results are in, we’ll walk you through the ideal natural ingredients and skin rituals for your best skin days ahead.

Ready….? Open ‘Notes’ in your phone and record which most describes your skin for the list questions below! We’ll tally up after! …set, go!


1. When it comes to my skin, my biggest concern is: 

  1. Recurring acne 
  2. Flaky skin
  3. A shiny complexion + large pores 
  4. Redness + sensitivity 
  5. The very occasional blemish 
  6. Hydrating without breaking out

When I wake up in the AM, my skin feels/looks: 

  1. Like yet another blemish popped up overnight 
  2. Dry and tight 
  3. Oily already, ugh! 
  4. Red + patchy 
  5. Good 
  6. Dry + flaky in some spots, but oily in others 

In the afternoon, my skin needs: 

  1. A concealer touch up (there’s that blemish popping through!)
  2. More moisture, please!!! 
  3. Blotting or powder touch up – all over! 
  4. A refreshing spritz of a soothing mist 
  5. Nothing, skin is lookin’ and feelin’ good! 
  6. Powder touch up on forehead, nose and/or chin only. Easy!

When I touch my skin, it feels: 

  1. Irritated and bumpy 
  2. Rough and in need of moisture 
  3. Greasy and slick 
  4. Hot-to-the-touch and delicate 
  5. Even and smooth 
  6. Can’t really tell – oily in some places, and dry in others!

When it comes to my #SKINGOALS, at the top of my list is: 

  1. Getting breakouts under control 
  2. A more supple + luminous glow
  3. Balancing oil production and reducing the appearance of larger pores 
  4. Keeping redness and rashes at bay
  5. Supporting my skin through aging process 
  6. Improving overall tone and texture 

I can’t let my head hit the pillow without: 

  1. Applying my favorite spot treatment 
  2. Lathering on my thick nighttime moisturizer, balm or facial oil 
  3. Cleansing my face with fav foaming face wash 
  4. Applying my soothing serum 
  5. Removing my makeup from the day
  6. Getting in a good exfoliating sesh

After cleansing, my skin feels/looks: 

  1. Textured but squeaky clean 
  2. Tight and stripped 
  3. Like it finally doesn’t have excess of oil hanging on the surface 
  4. Sometimes itchy and red 
  5. Balanced
  6. Tight in some areas but overall balanced 

My makeup MVP for my daytime look is…

  1. Heavy duty concealer 
  2. Liquid foundation 
  3. Powder foundation to mattify 
  4. I try not to wear much, a mineral powder will do 
  5. Tinted Moisturizer and I’m out the door! 
  6. I like to blend a cream foundation with a powder 

My relationship with acne is… 

  1. They won’t leave me alone! 
  2. I’ll happily trade my flaky patches for an occasional blemish 
  3. They’ll visit a few times of the month
  4. Do red itchy spots count as acne? 
  5. All clear here! #blessed 
  6. They usually hang out in the usual spots – chin, forehead, or nose area

Your skin type can be affected by environmental conditions, stress levels diet, and so much more. The below describes me best: 

  1. I experience consistent breakouts no matter what products I use or how healthy I eat 
  2. My skin always feels dry and notice uneven skin tone. I wish my complexion was less dull and more glowy!
  3. I experience frequent breakouts and struggle with excess oil production 
  4. I struggle with redness and sensitivity to many products, and feel like my skin looks blotchy and uneven. 
  5. I experience the occasional but rare breakouts and feel balanced overall. 
  6. I don’t often experience breakouts but notice blackheads in my T-zone area. I also sometimes feel my skin tight and notice a rougher texture. 


Mostly 1’s: ACNE PRONE: 

When it comes to keeping acne at bay, the battle is R-E-A-L to say the least, no matter your age. Acne-prone skin tends to get congested easily, due to oil getting trapped below the surface of the skin, which means regular breakouts and clogged pores are a common occurrence for you. We’ll let you in on a little (not-so) secret straight from our skin experts – when it comes to combating stubborn breakouts, consistency and choosing the right products to target acne (we see results with natural forms of salicylic acid and vitamin C). Bottom line? While slathering on a moisturizer or serum may feel heavy or “clogging” atop those bumps, locking in moisture and hydration is a must in order to ensure a possibly stripped moisture barrier (can lead to excess oil production and thus, those clogged pores) can be restored. Look for dual-action ingredients that can both soothe inflammation and kick bacteria to the curb like Meadowsweet or Goldenseal.

ESTHETICIAN PRODUCT RECS: Cleanser: Linne – Purify / Oil Cleanser: Botnia –Balancing Oil Cleanser / Toner: Botnia – Toner / Serum: Agent Nateur – Holi(C) / Moisturizer: Berlin Skin – Sandalwood  Mask: Botnia – Fix-Zit Powder Mask 

Mostly 2’s: DRY: 

If you racked up mostly 2’s, and if you can’t seem to quench your skin’s thirst, you most likely deal with dry skin. An extra check? Your skin (especially areas around the eyes and mouth) feel tight and uncomfortable without using a moisturizer, and you likely experience flakiness, no matter how many layers of moisturizer you slather on. But be careful, some may mistake dry skin (lacks oil content) for dehydrated skin (lacks water content!). How to tell? Dry skin can appear flakey or dry, and even have a rougher texture. Dehydrated skin will appear dull, show fine lines or signs or accelerated signs of aging and even feel tight. Skin chronically dry? Make sure your daily line-up includes oils rich in omega fatty acids to support your moisture barrier and repair flaky skin (macadamia nut oil, marula oil, and avocado oil are all plant-powerhouses!) Or dehydrated? Don’t skip out on the powerhouse ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, which can hold a thousand times it’s own weight in water and will help retain water in the skin. 

ESTHETICIAN PRODUCT RECS: Cleanser: Osea – Ocean Milk Cleanser / Toner: Linne – Refresh Mist /  Serum: Osea – Hyaluronic Sea Serum or Botnia – Hydrating Serum / Moisturizer: Josh Rosebrook – Vital Balm Cream / Mask: Josh Rosebrook – Advanced Hydration Mask 

Mostly 3’s: OILY: 

If you guessed you’d fall in this category – you’re *ding ding* correct! Oily skin is usually one of the easier types to identify – and is categorized by larger pores, and an extra oily complexion. But the worst thing we can do is fight the oil by over-stripping. Avoid astringent, drying products, which can only further the unbalance of your unique acid mantle, and thus, cue your skin to produce more oil! Instead, you’ll want to focus your regimen on balancing that excess sebum production by repairing your own moisture barrier with nourishing and moisturizing balms and oils, while carefully rebalancing with gentle acids like salicylic, mandelic and hyaluronic. 

ESTHETICIAN PRODUCT RECS: Cleanser: Botnia – Daily Face Wash / Toner: Living Libations – Frankincense Face Tonic / Serum: SkinOwl – Maqui Berry Beauty Whip / Moisturizer: Tata Harper – Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer (*in shops only*!) / Mask: H is for Love – Propolis 


Mostly 4’s: SENSITIVE:

If you fall under this category, you may be prone to skin conditions like eczema, or rosacea – or are even super-sensitive to environmental factors like the sun and cold or hot temperatures. Introducing new products to your routine can seem like an impossible task, but when in doubt, look for soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients to relieve a red complexion (like arnica, blue tansy, frankincense, sandalwood nut, and calendula to name a few of our faves). Sensitive skin is not the same as “sensitized” skin, which occurs as a result of exposure to too many harsh ingredients (like rough external exfoliators). If you’re not sure which one you fall under, let us take a peak in person and book a Skin Consultation with our Holistic Estheticians! 

ESTHETICIAN PRODUCT RECS: Cleanser: Botnia – Gentle Cleanser / Toner: Wildcare – Rosemary + Bay Hydrosol / Serum: Berlin Skin – Carrot Seed Serum / Moisturizer: H is for Love – Bara Balm / Mask: Botnia – Gentle Hydration Mask 

Mostly 5’s: NORMAL:

While this category isn’t any more ‘normal’ than any of the others, those that fall under this type don’t typically experience any specific concerns and usually have a nice balance of oil and moisture. However… that doesn’t mean your #skingoals don’t matter! Targeting your skincare regimen towards sustained skin health and supporting the aging process is a great way to go – think weekly exfoliating treatments to aid in skin resurfacing, antioxidant-rich serums to combat oxidative stress, and hydration for an overall plump and bright complexion. 

ESTHETICIAN PRODUCT RECS: Cleanser: Ursa Major – Fantastic Face Wash / Toner: Berlin Skin – Geranium Rose Toner / Serum: Tata Harper – Resurfacing Serum (*in stores only!*) / Moisturizer: Ursa Major – Golden Hour Recovery Cream / Mask: goop – Exfoliating Instant Facial

Mostly 6’s: COMBINATION:

Combination skin types usually experience oilier skin in the T-zone area, and dry in other areas of the face. But, combination skin can also mean acne-prone and sensitive, or dry and acne-prone… plenty of possibilities here! Mixing and matching products for different concerns is the best way to love combination skin. Don’t be afraid to spot treat. It’s totally encouraged to reach for different products on different areas of the face, depending on the concern (for example, using a heavier moisturizer only on the dryer cheek area, or a purifying cleanser only on your break-out prone chin area). It’s all about what works for youPro tip – A balancing oil cleanser is a great way to regulate oil production in all areas — it can help moisturize dryer areas, while balancing excess oil production in others (ok – talk about a win, win!).

ESTHETICIAN PRODUCT RECS: Cleanser: Living Libations – Best Skin Ever Sea Buckthorn / Toner: Agent Nateur – Holi(Water) / Linne – Renew Face Serum / Moisturizer: Botnia – Daily Face Cream Light / Mask: Josh Rosebrook – Active Enzyme Exfoliator 


This quiz is a great start to understanding how you can start filtering your skincare routine for your skin type. From there, we recommend working with our trained team of Product Experts or Holistic Estheticians at Shop Good to continue to learn the ways to better support your individual skin… because you are uniquely you!

Want a more personalized deep-dive into the world of your skin? We’re thrilled to now be providing 30 minute Skin Consultations with our skin heroes – Shop Good’s Holistic Estheticians. Don’t live locally to one of our San Diego spas? Get in touch with us to hold your session via Skype!

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