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Sweat Now, Glow Later


Detoxing shouldn’t feel like it sounds. We have these beliefs about detoxing being harsh, limiting, restrictive and a way to feel worse before you feel better. We also believe that anything that makes your body feel icky isn’t always the best route to blissful wellness.

Here’s one sure way to pull those toxins from your body while also gifting yourself a total-body unwind sesh, a calm demeanor and a healthful super-glow afterwards.

We’re talking about the superpowers of infrared saunas.  These healthy hotspots are a staple in our wellness rotation since sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain health.

Why we’re obsessed:

  1. Its infrared wavelengths help your sweat to excrete more toxins (up to 8-9x more!) than conventional saunas.
  1. Its heat kick-starts circulation and nixes stagnation in your lymphatic system so you can say peace to cellulite, dry skin and uneven texture.
  1. As the body works to cool itself from inside, it automatically turns up your metabolic rate and cardiac output — it’s like squeezing in a solid calorie burning workout without doing a single squat.
  1. It’s gentle and supportive to your hormones and brain chemistry; with a decrease in cortisol and an increase in serotonin, your body and spirit will fight inflammation and that dreaded Seasonal Affective Disorder (or whatever may be nagging at you) in one fell swoop.
  1. Perhaps our favorite benefit of all– the infrared heat works as an incredible detoxifier, helping to remove heavy metals and other fat-soluble toxins weighing down the body and contributing to chronic fatigue, excess weight, low mood and many other health concerns.

Here are a few of our most fav places to indulge in a 40 min sweat sesh!

San Diego! We love Eco Chateau.
SF crew! We fell in love with Revel and Rose.
Phoenix! We dig Mind, Body, Flow
NYC! Higher Dose is  t r e n d i n g. 

Oh, and staying hydrated is key to your detoxing success here.
Get back to feeling motivated and looking glowy, because you’re no slave to the temperature drop!

Sending you warm and sweaty hugs…



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