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The Sweet Scoop On Sugaring

By: Ashley Wittke, Shop Good Holistic Esthetician

It’s officially skin-baring season. And let’s be honest — it’s also may be the first time this year you’ve thought about hair removal.  There is no ideal way to remove unwanted hair. Shaving doesn’t last quite long enough (don’t get us started on the razor burn…), depilatories are hit or miss, and waxing can be a little tooo much for those more delicate areas. With summer officially here, Shop Good is SO excited to permanently be offering a way sweeter solution to hair removal – yes, literally!

Curious? Keep reading, and we’ll explain the what’s, how’s, and other must-know facts about sugaring.

1. What IS sugaring? 

Because we all love a fun fact – sugaring is originally considered to be an ancient Egyptian art, even used by Cleopatra herself! Having smooth, hair-free skin was long considered to be a standard of beauty in ancient Egypt; Egyptian women would create their own depilatory methods (the very first DIY!?) using a sticky concoction of oil and honey to remove their unwanted hair from the root. This method is what we know as “sugaring” today, and the sugar is made with all natural ingredients – sugar, water, and lemon juice. THAT. IS. IT.  

2. Okay, okay..but how is it different? Let me break it down for you. 

It’s alllll about that application! Sugaring is applied with your esthetician’s fingers – in gloves of course – that way, we’re able to get right to the root. It is applied against the hair growth and removed with, so imagine more of a glide out of the hair follicle. Waxing, on the other hand, is applied using sticks in the direction of the hair growth to then be pulled against. If you’re the sensitive type, his method may cause trauma to your hair follicle and can lead to breakage *cue ingrowns and faster regrowth, no thanks.*  Thus, the removal method of sugar may allow you to enjoy a smooth bikini much longer than traditional waxing! 

Less OUCH! Unlike waxing, sugaring only pulls out the hairs and doesn’t disturb the surface of the skin. Wax attaches to both the hair and the skin, potentially removing live skin cells with it as it is removed. This not only could be a contributor to more pain, but may cause redness, swelling, inflammation, and even bruising on the most sensitive of skin. Another sugar-y plus – there is no heat! The sugar is applied at lukewarm temperature making it extremely gentle and less irritating to sensitive skin. What this all means? With waxing, you’re only allowed to go over the same area twice to avoid irritation and potentially damage the skin’s surface. If you have stubborn hair, this may mean you’re walking out with some stragglers (booo). Due to the gentle nature of sugar, we are able to go over the same spot multiple times to ensure a clean removal!

That grow back, though! The sugar application (in terms of how it affects the skin and how it is removed) all leads to one thing – a smooth finish and slower grow back! How? Because we are removing the root entirely and have less chance of breakage. This also means we’re ensuring the hair is completely gone, meaning you aren’t seeing them come back for a longer time! Another plus – you’ll also likely notice hairs coming in much thinner and softer because we are actually weakening the hair follicle. So… with consistency, your hair growth will be less and less after each sugaring session and can lead to permanency. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

How often do I need to be coming in to see results?Just like waxing, it is recommended to come in every 4-6 weeks. The benefits of getting on a consistent sugaring schedule are *oh so* great – to recap: less pain, weakening of the hair follicle, less growth over time, thinner hair, and less irritation and scarring. Yes, please! 

3. Which is right for you? 

We say this quite a bit, but it’s *v* true — at the end of the day it is always, always personal preference! If you are a more sensitive type who gets irritated with the heat of the wax, can’t seem to get rid of those pesky ingrowns, or just want to choose a more natural method… then sugaring is right for you! 

4. So, how do you prep for sugaring? 

Just like waxing, the hair needs to be a certain length for the paste to be able to grab them and pull them out. 10 days post shaving is preferred for your first time if you have never removed your hair. But- yet another reason why sugaring is aamazing– it can actually grab the shortest of hairs, allowing you to have an even cleaner removal! 

Gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the area being sugared to make it easier for the paste to grab the hair! You can use a scrub, dry brush, or an exfoliating glove 2 days prior to your appt!

Hydrate skin regularly to soften the hair follicles. This actually also enables easier hair removal!

Wear loose fitting clothing (especially if you have a bikini or brazilian booked) to avoid any discomfort day of. 

5. Got it! And post-sugar care?

Avoid touching your skin day of as it may be prone to infection after the exfoliation of the service (this also involves avoiding any ‘intimate’ time for 24 hrs!) 

As exercising causes sweating, avoid exercising immediately following your treatment and wait at least 24 hours. Try and get your sweat sesh in prior to your appointment!

Stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours and always, always, protect your skin with sun block + proper clothing! 

With sugaring, exfoliation is important to the after care process. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will prevent dead skin build up, preventing ingrowns and allowing you hair to grow back with no complications. 

So, we officially broke down the 411 on all things sweet about sugar! And though not all hair removal options are created equal – sugaring can most definitely be the one for you. It’s gentle on the skin, is made up of just THREE naturally derived ingredients, and leaves you hair-free with minimal irritation. We are so excited to be offering this service in our treatment room and we know you all will be too once you give it a try! 

Now available with our holistic esthetician, Ashley, at both our North Park and Del Mar location! 


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