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Greens from the Deep Blue, Trace Minerals and a Recipe!


Here’s a fun cocktail convo starter: The Great Barrier Reef is between 5,000 and 10,000 years old and covers 2,600 miles. Whoa, baby beluga!The truth is, we too can get in on a piece of their longevity secret, by regularly consuming sea vegetables. We may not live to be 5,000 years fresh, but munching on nori, wakame, chlorella, and seaweed can drastically change our health trajectory. With potent sources of iodine, zinc, magnesium, potassium and sodium– the good kind!– your body will be beaming with critical trace minerals.

What are trace minerals?

You might have seen many a water bottle donning a $10 price tag, touting that there’s more than just water inside, but a big buzzword too: trace minerals. Trace minerals are the nutrients found in nature that are vital for our health. If we were to consume the most pure, organic, Eden-like food on the planet, we would be gaining the benefits of these bioavailable nutrients and glowing like beams of sunshine. The reality of today shows a slightly bleaker picture, with chemical and modern processes tainting nature and evolving all that juicy vibrancy into food that doesn’t have as much oomph. Companies have decided, in turn, to pump in more good-good to balance all that has been stripped away.

What do trace minerals do for me?

Why are we great evangelists for all things leafy green and from the Earth? Because when we are fueling our organs and systems with cell-loving nutrients, everything starts working in a highly-efficient manner, and our gut, skin, mood and happiness levels feel unstoppable. There’s a real connection with eating to feel joy, to feel grounded, to feel your-definition-of-best.

How can I get more trace minerals in my diet?

Read our tote: Eat Real Food. This is a mantra that guides a lot of our decisions, namely choosing to chew over swallow a pill for all of our nutrient needs. By consuming the sea veggies we mentioned before– recipe below!– you’ll be infusing your meals with bio-available iron and vitamin C, a whole other array of antioxidants beyond fruit, and high sulfur content.

It may be an acquired taste to sprinkle kelp, seaweed and nori on our salads and wraps, and we understand that. Don’t let that stop you from gaining the benefits of the sea! Lately, we’ve been crushing on Quinton’s marine hypertonic plasma, liquid vials that contain the potency of oceanic nutrients.

RECIPE/ Easy Nori Rolls


2 sheets of nori

2 purple carrots, grated

2 shiitake mushrooms, chopped coarsely

1/2 avocado

2 large lettuce leaves, chopped

3 handfuls, raw sunflower seeds

Your favorite sesame-ginger Asian-inspired dressing! (We like this recipe!)


1. Lay out a clean nori sheet on your kitchen countertop

2. Spread a thin layer of your dressing on the sheet with the back of a spoon

3. Place the veggies on one side of the sheet

4. Roll the sheet, slowly and tightly

5. Cut the wrap in half and enjoy!


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