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*This* Is The Drink You Should Order Tonight


Waiter at trendy new restaurant: Can I start you with a cocktail?

You: Yeah, but you guys go ahead and order first!…. (points to BFF’s)

Your inner monologue: “Ugh last weekend when I had just two of those margaritas I felt terrible the next morning.

     Same happens lately with those Moscow Mules I used to love…

     Doesn’t a ‘healthier’ drink exist?!

     One that doesn’t send my body into hangover city the next day??”

Good Life: yep.

Ok, we won’t pop up at your next girls night out (by invite only, of course), but no fretting because you’re about to be equipped with the drink we *seriously* order out all the time with our body, mind… and skin and sleep and hydration and gut… in mind!

Here’s the issue. When the sun is out and we have margaritas on the mind, we may not be aware that more than half of that tequila bottle can be made up of chemicals and unwanted fillers like corn sulfates, or artificial colors and flavor additives.

You: “Wait, I didn’t order that!”

This, paired with traditional margarita – you-don’t-wanna-know-how-much-sugar-they-add – mixes… you’re in for a headache and a side of advil the next day.

May we present to you Tequilas more behaved sister, Mezcal?

Mezcal – like tequila, it’s made from agave, but more pure in terms of its ingredients and the way it’s crafted. While Tequila can be made with fillers and is typically mass produced, Mezcal must contain 100% agave by law and is still crafted by hand.

It’s also got this smoky, earthy flavor that is perfect for sipping slowly and is totally grounding in nature. And when blended with a pure, low-sugar mixer, we’ll place bets on a solid night out and a strong, confident roll into your early-morning yoga class.


You: “Waiter! I’ll have a Del Maguey Vida on the rocks with soda water and lime juice!”

*We love Del Maguey for it’s region, it’s balance of smoky and floral notes, and most bars always have it on their shelf.*

Good Life: “Enjoy!”

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