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Manifest What You Want This Year



Two things about this past week:

  1. Mo, our Holistic Esthetician began researching and planning for potentially offering CBD facials at Shop Good. (Um, where do I sign up?!)  The next day, two CBD skincare brand owners walked right into the shop to introduce their beautiful product line to us.
  2. The day we landed our shop theme for February (and for the rest of the year!) I met the most exquisite workshop leader who pitched us an idyllic course to teach in alignment with next month’s theme.  (You guys are going to freak, this workshop will be SO GOOD.)

Like clockwork, when we are in tune with the power of our thoughts, crazy “coincidences” begin to sprout up left and right. But could these occurrences be far more intentional than coincidence? As we kick of this new year with big dreams and high hopes, we’d like to believe so!  Enter: The Law of Attraction.

The law of attraction is built around the idea that everything is energy (including ourselves AND our thoughts), and through the process of “like attracting like”, we can actually attract whatever we think. Essentially, we have the power to manifest exactly what we want. 

Many of us will wince at the process. And, surely, many have dabbled in conscious creation or manifestation but have failed to see results. Oftentimes, this is simply because we’ve adopted negative beliefs that get in our way and disallow us from believing that what we want is actually possible. 

Today, we’re giving you the permission to LET  ALL  OF   THAT  GO and prep for a year of limitless opportunities with this simplified guide to manifesting anything you want.

One rule before you play: you must trust the process.


1: Decide what you want to manifest. Choose wisely and be intentional. Really connect with the intention to have it and believe that you will receive what you ask for.

2: Remove any blockages. AKA, those nasty negative beliefs, limiting thoughts or unreasonable time expectations. (Quick, grab this wellness tool to help with this step.)

3: Visualize. Really see it. The colors, tastes, sights. What it will truly feel and look like when you have it. Get as specific as possible here (this is so key). As you see this picture, let all the good feelings about the outcome fill you up.

4: Sit back and listen to your gut. There’s not a ton to do from here on out. Once you’ve created and released your vision, let the universe do it’s thing. But, keep a close ear out for intuitive sense. If it’s urging you to take any action around your goal, consider following it!

Side note right here: If you’re not seeing the outcome you desired within the timeframe you believed it could occur within, take a peak back at steps one and two. Oftentimes putting pen to paper or declaring your manifestation out loud can give the universe the tap on the shoulder it needs.

5: Acknowledge and express gratitude. We so easily forget what we asked for after we already have it. And gratitude can be the most powerful form of attracting MORE of what we want. So ensure that you’re noting down and recognizing when there’s an outcome to be grateful for. Great examples of this are journaling what you’re grateful for or sharing wins (big or small!) with your pals!

Pro tip: Think of this process like flexing a muscle. The more you work it and practice, the stronger your manifestation muscle will become. Start small and work your way to bigger dreams, you goal-getter, you.

Behold! The power of making 2018 the year of “I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I’M OUT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

Have a manifestation success story? Have a manifestation tool thats worked well for you in the past? Comment below!

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