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‘GOOD Talks’ with Diamond Rollins

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Hi natural beauties everywhere!

All month long in the (virtual) halls of Shop Good we’ve been talking all things “why clean beauty”. The good ingredients we can’t get enough of, the not-so-good ingredients we vet from our shelves, the makeup tips and so much more. For so long, the world of clean beauty felt isolating and downright intimidating. But not anymore! With non-toxic products becoming more popular + celebrated, we love being able to share our obsessions with old friends and new friends — shouting the products that *really* work, swapping tips for switching out your beauty bag and fully having fun with self expression through beauty.

So without further ado, allow me to e-introduce you to Diamond Rollins! A Florida-based digital creator, Diamond uses fashion, skincare and makeup to remind us all that its fully okay to embrace being naturally ourselves. Let’s dive into her journey into all things clean!

SG: Could you tell us a bit about yourself + your journey towards clean beauty?

Diamond: Hi Hi, my name is Diamond (yes like the ring, lol) and I am a 25 years old living here in the sunshine state of Florida. I have always had a thing for letting your natural beauty shine through and never really got into makeup until later in college. I first started learning about skincare and someone I knew had come out with a natural line and I saw how amazingly it did for others and so I began to explore it myself to see if the cleaner products could produce better results. 

SG: What are misconceptions about clean beauty that you often see?

Diamond: Many people assume just because products are clean, all natural or vegan that it shouldn’t or can’t irritate your skin/body. But, I have learned in my journey that there are many natural ingredients that can be too powerful or an irritant to a particular person’s skin and body, so you really have to be careful and know what your skin likes and how it reacts to certain ingredients. 

SG: What would you change about the beauty industry and wellness spaces?

Diamond: I can’t say that I would personally really change anything. I think each beauty and wellness brand space has its own unique approach that makes up their ethos, motives and overall message. I love that there are a variety of options as there are many people with concerns in which each brand can speak to in their own voice.

SG: How have you continued to find inspiration + practice self care in the last year?

Diamond: I definitely have and more than ever if I may say. I have found such beauty in nature, color palettes, the art of decor, simple soothing walks, prayer and consistent check in’s with myself to see how I am doing. 

SG: What are 3 things you would tell someone who is currently transitioning to a cleaner makeup bag?

  • Don’t feel like you have to know everything about clean beauty so quickly; take your time and gradually build your new collection to custom fit you. 
  • Be sure to do your research and learn more about clean beauty products, ingredients and brands before you just buy it because it says clean. 
  • Always remember to have fun with your transition and try new and interesting products that you believe will mesh well with your skin, tone and body type. 

SG: What are your top beauty tips or holy grail clean beauty products?

Diamond: I will always recommend wearing SPF (inside places and outside) because it really does help with protecting the skin layers and helps protect and brighten dark marks/hyperpigmentation. One of my favorites right now is by Supergoop called ‘Daily Dose’ and not only is it infused with SPF 40 but also a high potency Vitamin C (which also helps with fading dark spots and uneven skin tone. *Chefs Kiss*

SG: Who is someone that inspires you?

Diamond: I am pretty inspired by many people, it’s a bit hard to frame it into one person. I am really inspired by my family, friends and people who genuinely have dreams and are making them reality. 

SG: Just for fun, what’s your go-to morning beverage or something that makes you excited to start the day?

Diamond: I would have to say, a White Chocolate Mocha either hot or iced! Not only is it a delicious start to my morning but it also really gets me going, haha!


It was such an honor to feature Diamond for this month’s ‘GOOD Talks’! She is such an inspiration for life, fashion and of course, clean beauty! For more amazing inspo on how to embrace your own inherent, unique and natural beauty, give her a follow!

And for more convos on #whycleanbeauty, come join us over on the Shop Good IG, where we’ll be talking all month long about why exactly we made the switch and the products we love most!


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