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Ways to Keep Moisture Locked in For Glowing skin


Dehydration got your once radiate glow? We may believe that just because we’re downing water that our skin and its cells are nourished and hydrated to the max. But there are other key factors that play a role in obtaining that soft and plump summertime skin.

Dehydration can emerge via external factors such as a less-than-ideal diet, environment, weather, surplus of salt, caffeine and alcohol. And lack of optimal skin moisture from the inside/out AND outside/in can lead to clogged toxins, giving way to bacteria, acne and a potential loss of collagen or suppleness. MOISTURE IS KEY!

Not sure if skin dehydration is what’s dimming your glow?  Let’s get one thing straight: it happen to you (aka all skin types). For those of us with dry skin types, dehydration of the skin will show with signs of flaky patches, inflammation or redness, itchiness, sensitivity or tightness. Oily or Combination skin types will see dehydration via excess oil flip-flopping with dryness, simultaneously. Both skin types may appear ashy or dull in color.

AFTER   D R I N K I N G   W A T E R (most important and we have a trick here), here are Good Life’s top supplemental solutions to reverse skin dehydration, allowing the benefits to soak in!

  1. Take Magnesium. 80% of people have a magnesium deficiency and this mineral is essential for over 360 biochemical processes, including increasing levels of fatty acids on the skin’s surface, thus increasing moisture and reducing inflammation. We recommend using Magnesium Calm nightly to repair and replenish.
  2. Check Your Shower Temp. Maybe the easiest to accomplish when it’s this warm out. But a word to the wise, hot water can be incredibly drying and stripping of your skin’s natural moisturizing oils. Without the barried kept in tact, the skin can lose its moisture much more easily. So, keep your relationship with your shower short and lukewarm.
  3. Reduce the Caffeine. Most of us know, (but don’t want to believe) caffeine depletes the body of key nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. All essential for skin repair nourishment and plump glow. Substituting caffeine for hormone-balancing Maca powder can help the skin to hydrate and renew from the inside/out.
  4. Eat a Water Rich Diet. Up your diet with the help of hydrating machines like cucumber (96% water!), radishes, spinach, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes (all 90% water), and watermelon (92% water). Note that Summer produce’s water content is at it’s highest when harvested, so eating local up’s your hydration game here!
  5. Moisturize While Wet. Apply your body cream immediately after your shower. This way, the hydrating ingredients are able to trap in some of the water and let that absorb into your skin’s surface. Even a minute later, the air will begin to suck the moisture out of the skin.
  6. Use Rosehip Oil. This fav clean beauty ingredient is super high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids known to bring moisture and hydration into the skin.  Luckily, you can find it in one of our most favorite serums at Shop Good!

These recs paired with a tall glass of water (on refill!) will ensure those skin cells are nice and nourished, keeping unwanted signs of skin thirst at bay all summer long.

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