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Best of the Best: Our Esthetician’s Top Lists

July – Dec 2021 Skin Talks (4)

Curious about what our Holistic Estheticians use when they’re not busy performing miracles behind our spa doors? We’re peeling back our orangy-red curtains as a few of our estys share their *cream of the crop* in skincare. (aka the products they text their BFFs about and what they reach for first when they’re in need of some skin love.)


EMMA:Monastery ‘Gold Botanical Serum’. This ultra nourishing serum fights acne causing bacteria, helps fade scars and pigmentation, is hydrating without being heavy, and it makes my skin glow like
no other product I’ve ever used. At the moment, I truly can’t live without it. Plus, it smells incredible!”



DEVIN: “I love Botnia’s ‘Replenishing Facial Oil’. It’s packed full of anti-inflammatory botanicals & pure soothing jojoba oil. It not only heals and protects but helps regenerate new skin cells. When my dermatitis flares up I can’t reach for this bottle quick enough. When it comes to internal support, my favorite is Ora’s ‘Sol Food’. I’ve really taken a “lichen” to this vitamin D. There are no added sugars, dairy, preservatives or gelatin. It’s sunshine in a bottle for us vita-deficient folk.”


MALLORY: “The Botnia ‘Clarity Oil’ is like a hug for the skin. It soothes any inflammation, congestion, or irritation in my skin and is a product I can’t see myself moving on from EVER!”





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