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How Our Team is Cleansing Negative Energy in 2021


Happy New Year, clean beauty! This month at Shop Good, we’re talking all things #deepcleanse. From our skin, to our homes, to our bodies, and all the way to our vibes. So we gathered the women of the #shopgoodgang and asked them to share what (free!) wellness practices they’re leaning on this month to clear out negative energy and step into 2021 feeling refreshed, high-spirited, and *oh so* renewed.

Keep reading to find out their tools + practices for cleansing mind, body and spirit…

Leah, Founder + Owner //

When it comes to cleansing the mind, I have a long-time relationship with the 4,7,8 breath. During my chronic health journey (and when my stress levels were at their peak), I remember folding this breathing technique into my drives to work each morning, about 4-5 times in a row. Supplements and diet changes aside, I remember this breath being the turning point of my healing, creating space for a cleansed, healthier mindset. Ready? Simply breathe in for 4 seconds through the nose, hold it for 7 seconds and let it allllll go for 8 seconds out the mouth. How do you feel?

Lauren, Holistic Esthetician //

With the start of the new year my body, mind, and (especially) SPACE are craving some deep cleansing. With inspiration from The Minimalists: Less is Now Netflix documentary, I am committing to making my home clutter-free and releasing lots of “things” that don’t serve my happiness or have a purpose and donating what I can. A clean home is a happy mind!

Emily, Digital Media Coordinator //

Most mornings I wake up to my alarm, roll over to turn it off and then spend the next 30+ minutes responding to messages and doom scrolling on my phone. *Not* the energy I want to be starting my day with anymore. So, I got an affordable alarm clock and started sleeping with my phone in a completely different room! Keeping my mornings quiet, intentional, and free of the outside world has made such an incredibly positive impact on my mental health and my day!

Juana, General Manager + Director of Marketing //

With the start of the new year, I’m craving a total body reset. To cleanse my spirit + mind of stressful energy, I’ve been choosing to start my day with a walk around my neighborhood. This has really helped me avoid starting my day on autopilot (which was far too common in 2020). A simple, yet total game-changer to support my mental health!

Anna, Product Expert //

I see cleansing, in every sense, as something you can integrate daily to give the feeling of a clean slate. Especially at the beginning of the year, I love to cleanse the space around me, re-assess my belongings, and sell/donate what doesn’t serve me anymore. For emotional cleansing, I find writing out as much as I can and organizing my thoughts is a great way to see how I should move forward with the year. Spiritually, spending time in nature is key! Grounding and re-connecting with the natural world can help gain new perspectives and energy.

Christina, Product Expert //

This season I have chosen to focus on deeply cleansing through the use of meditation and stretching. This combination allows me to feel holistically cleansed both physically and mentally. I have found that 15 minutes of deep stretching and then a short meditation before bed leaves me feeling grounded and ready for a nourishing night of sleep. I am then refreshed and ready to take on the next day!

Annalysa, Product Expert //

Lately I have been focusing on starting my days free of virtual connection. I found myself waking up with my phone in hand or next to my face constantly scrolling through apps and texts creating an addictive behavior that I want to cleanse myself of. Moving into this new year I plan to not look at my phone first thing in the morning and using that time to do things for myself like making my bed, meditate, or read!

Nikki, One Paseo Assistant Store Manager //

After such a heavy year in 2020, and with the most recent events unfolding in the beginning of 2021, my whole mind, body, and spirit are in need of a deep cleanse. I’m making sure to drink more water to flush out all the toxins and stay hydrated. Moving my body at least 1x a day – whether it’s a walk outside (thankful for San Diego winters), or taking a workout class in the comfort of my bedroom. And most importantly, I’m spending every Saturday morning setting new intentions for the week ahead and taking a moment to reflect on the week prior and what I am grateful for. These three little things have already made such an impact in my daily life, helping me cleanse away the negative energy and make room for positive energy to enter.

Natalie, Product Expert //

One of my favorite ways to cleanse is to focus more on eating nutrient dense foods and limiting my sugar and wine intake. I also make a point to prioritize quality sleep, which for me, starts with going to bed early and waking up early! Working with a good energy healer is probably my #1 for an amazing, deep spiritual and emotional cleanse!

Stephanie, Product Expert //

This season I’ve been cleansing deeply by starting my mornings journaling and writing three things I’m grateful for everyday. This helps me be present for the rest of the day and appreciate everything I have instead of starting off my day by checking my phone or emails.

Ashley, Lead Holistic Esthetician + North Park Assistant Manager //

Letting go of any limitations that my mind may put on me is how I’ll be cleansing this season. It’s hard to not listen to that voice in your head, telling you that you cannot do something. So I am challenging myself to choose to ignore those mental setbacks and willingly accept all challenges and opportunities to come this year!

Culli, Product Expert //

In order to cleanse my space and mind this January, I have canceled all of my subscriptions – Netflix, Amazon, iTunes etc. I want to unplug from mind-numbing things so I can make space to read + be more creative. Canceling subscriptions leads to major budgeting, so I am also cleansing by cutting expenses where I can and taking advantage of all the free resources available. But the biggest cleansing choice has been canceling Amazon, which really pushes me to find and shop things more locally. Lastly, I’m cleansing by being really being mindful of the food I eat and food waste. Making sure I eat everything in my fridge or cabinet before hitting the grocery store again + buying more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and cutting out as much processed items as I can!

January, Lead Holistic Esthetician + Spa Marketing Assistant Manager //

OMG! it’s finally 2021! Before I entered this new year I made sure to set my intentions for what I envision in this new season along with letting go of thoughts and feelings that don’t bring me joy anymore. Stepping into this new decade I am taking the time for myself to journal every single day, Even if it’s a simple mantra or two page vent sesh! I am cleansing old habits and focusing on manifesting + diving deep into my goals….PLUS getting my blood flowing and feeling more connected to my body.

Anita, Product Expert //

My favorite ways to cleanse any negative energy are to light my favorite candle or diffuse my fav calming essential oils, while getting cozy with my newest book or jotting in my journal. When I have time, baths always make me feel at peace and so refreshed physically and emotionally! Setting a reminder to do some deep breathing exercises also helps to calm my mind and any anxiety.


Getting through 2020 was no minor feat and so far 2021 has carried that same challenging, provoking, and transformative energy. While we don’t yet know just what the new year will bring, we hope that it brings you health, happiness, and all things GOOD. Keep on shining, clean beauty.


The #shopgoodgang

P.S. Wanna join the conversation? Head on over to @shopgoodco on Instagram and share how you’re cleansing deeply this month!

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