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High Vibe Tools for 2021

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Ah, 2020, you’re finally behind us. The year’s peaks and valleys were challenging to navigate, leaving many of us depleted… and just plan exhausted.

But, you’re here in 2021, stronger than ever.

And we’re here to keep reminding you how strong you truly are… while equipping you with the best practices and *tools* to lift your minds, bodies and sprits as we head into this fresh new year.

Here are the 5 wellness tools we’re recommending you have on-hand now, so you can start 2021 with high vibes + good spirits.

Here are 5 tools to start your 2021 with high vibes and good spirits:

1. Activist Manuka Immune Elixir – Add this one into your “bank of health,” because during these times we can never have enough immune support! This powerhouse immune elixir contains high-grade raw manuka honey, elderberry, turkey tail mushroom, ginger + echinacea to symbiotically restore + balance our immune systems to feel our best during the holidays and start the year off right. Safe for all ages, from baby to grandparent! 

2. Cleban & Daughters Nocturne Sleep Mist – Stress and anxiety can reduce our much needed beauty sleep leaving us feeling groggy, uninspired, and just *blah*. The Nocturne Sleep Mist’s blend of ylang ylang, lavender + cedarwood not only smells like forest bathing in the moonlight, but relieves anxiety, uplifts mood, calms the nervous system + grounds our body to prepare for sleep. Mist on your pillow before bed for deep, restful relaxation right into 2021. 

3. Lauren’s All Purpose Salve – The holy grail for dry, winter skin! Dab onto parched lips + lather onto dry hands for instant relief of chapped skin due to masks + constant hand washing. Bonus tip: massage into the neck swiping in upward motions before bed and inhale the scents of lavender, peppermint + patchouli to calm the mind + smooth the skin!

4.Shop Good Dry Brush + Berlin Skin Black Spruce Body Oil – New year means new bathing rituals. Begin with full body dry brushing to smooth skin’s texture, get lymph fluid moving, and slough off excess dead skin. Follow up post-shower or bath with a self-massage using the Black Spruce Body Oil – to lock in extra moisture, leave your body oil in the shower and apply after washing. This new ritual will add an extra spark to a regular daily task. Yes *please!*

5. Botnia Juniper Hydrosol – Now that “maskne” is an official word in our vocabulary, let’s begin 2021 by committing to take care of our new skin’s needs! Combat the increase of blackheads, breakouts, dry patches, and oily areas with Botnia’s new wild-crafted Juniper Hydrosol. Juniper reduces inflammation and bacteria, controls oil production + revitalizes the skin by promoting new cell growth. We’re saying YES to a year of balanced, glowing skin.

As we wrap up 2020, let’s remember to give ourselves grace and congratulate each other for conquering the past year, as we walk into the next year with hope and good spirits. By adding just a few new tools to our wellness toolkit we can level up our daily lives so that we can look and feel our best for the future ahead! Cheers to a fabulous 2021!

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