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A Conversation with Justine of Botnia

Science-driven and results-oriented Botnia is built upon the belief that simple ingredients and organic botanicals + extracts can fuel the skin’s long-term health. The brand is a force to be reckoned with in the natural skincare community. It’s also the backbone of our customized spa facials and its Founder is deeply tied to the mission and story behind Shop Good’s birth.

We caught up with Botnia’s Founder, Justine Kahn to snag her *hot takes* on her skincare philosophy, her formulation process, and she gave us a peek into her personal skincare routine.


SG: What is your skincare philosophy?

JK: I approach skincare like I approach nutrition since our entire body is a system. When I’m formulating a product, I think about each raw ingredient I’m adding into the mix; like cooking a delicious meal to nourish the body. I ask myself, “is the ingredient is going to hydrate, plump, soothe, heal, build up or break down?” I dive deep into that ingredient, research it from every angle and ask if it’s safe + healthy for the body. Then, I test each product in the real world on my clients, friends, and family! This final step of the process is really the missing question, “but is it effective?” As an esthetician, herbalist, and formulator I’m holding a combination of ideas and applying them like my art in the world to each formula I make.

With 20 years of skincare experience, I know that each Botnia user is seeking skin health + each of our products delivers results through a skincare diet of anti-inflammatory, healing, hydrating, exfoliating, and nourishing organic skincare based both in science and in real-world results!


SG: What is your skincare routine?

JK: Before developing Botnia, I suffered from acne. It took me years to solve my own skin. Here’s how I keep my skin happy today:

I have found that using cleansers that keep my skin pH balanced (Daily Face Wash) is the answer. Following up with hydrosol or Facial Toner (depending on the season and cleanser I’m using), adding in a Hydrating Serum or facial oil (like Clarity Oil), and finishing with our Daily Face Cream moisturizer to keep my skin thriving.

During the fall/ winter months I focus on a barrier supportive regimen. Balancing Oil Cleanser, our seasonal hydrosol, Hydrating Serum, and Daily Face Cream during the daytime. At night I swap out our hydrating serum for the Wisdom Oil.

This regimen protects my skin from transdermal water loss in the dryer months of the year and also aids repair from summer months spent outside on our farm.


Don’t miss out on our in-person event with Justine on Saturday, November 13th at 9:30 AM PST inside our One Paseo shop. Reserve your ticket for some fun conversation with Justine + Leah and, of course, some cozy sips from Parakeet Cafe!

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