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Why Gift a Facial?

why gift a facial

Facials aren’t just for beauty purposes or dewy skin from the outside/in. Benefits of a facial go way deeper than just the surface of your skin.

Yes, facials do help improve overall skin health. Facials stimulate the body’s natural process of cell reproduction and the production of collagen. Along with the improvement in the appearance of skin tone, texture, fine lines, acne, dryness, hypo pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

But wait… There’s so much more and it goes way deeper than the surface.

By improving the health of your skin with regular facials, this will in turn improve the overall functionality of your body’s internal workings. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, this system as a whole interacts with all the other body systems.

Here’s how.

Your skin, or your integumentary system, directly interacts with your Immune system by being your first line of defense against environmental toxins and pathogens. Additionally, this system directly works with your Digestive system by absorbing and synthesizing vitamins through the skins capillaries.

Not to mention your skin also works very closely with both your Circulatory system and Nervous system. Relaxing sensations of touch assists the circulatory system in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, while massage also helps to relax the nervous system so the body can rest and repair itself.

To sum it all up- your skin influences all your other body systems by helping the other organs to recharge and de-stress. It only makes sense that when you take care of your facial skin, you also help your internal organs, for the health of your organs shows on your face and both are directly correlated with the other.

Gifting your bestie, mom, sis, co-worker a facial this holiday season will truly help them decompress, boost immunity and shine from the inside/out during this crazy time of year!

What better way to let someone know you care about them than gifting an hour of TLC & deep relaxation…

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