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The #1 Question We Get…

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We LOVE answering your skin Q’s via Live Chat and DM’s! What’s the number one question you’re asking as of late? “What will help cure my dry/itchy/flaky skin?!” We hear you! after a dry winter + the added friction of daily mask wearing — it’s no wonder our skin is crying out for hydration, please!

First thing’s first: Let’s break down the difference between dry vs. dehydrated skin.

Dry skin naturally produces less sebum than other skin types, resulting in a lack of hydrating lipids needed to maintain a strong moisture barrier. How to tell? Skin is likely to be flaky and itchy, especially near the eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Dehydrated skin produces sebum but lacks water due to environmental factors, over exfoliation or lack of H2O intake. Common signs are exaggerated fine lines + dark circles, redness and overall inflammation.

For both conditions, adequate water intake throughout the day, avoiding overly drying treatments, and of course, using the right products can help!

Hydrated skin ahead…


For Oily/Acneic SkinBotnia ‘Clarity Oil’The moisture-barrier-building oil that *won’t* make you breakout! Jojoba Oil closely mimics the skin’s natural sebum + Black Cumin and Goldenseal actively fight acne and breakouts. This oil hydrates AND heals.

For Normal Skin / Berlin Skin ‘Blue Tansy Cream’Light as a cloud and blue like the sky — this dreamy, whipped cream revitalizes normal skin types that are experiencing dehydration or dryness. With heavy hitters like Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene + Organic Aloe, it eliminates dullness without weighing you down.

For Dry/Mature Skin / Living Libations ‘Rose Glow Creme’A rich + decadent treat for the dry-est of complexions. Rose, Seabuckthorn and Aloe; this sweet pink crème balances healthy oil production + adds buoyancy back to the skin.

For Sensitive Skin / Lesse ‘Ritual Serum’AKA, the game changer for sensitive, inflamed skin. Using Turmeric to balance redness and a combination of powerful plant oils to fight dryness, it noticeably renews compromised skin. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer for extra hydration!

For Combination SkinUrsa Major ‘Golden Hour Recovery Cream’Silky smooth and fast absorbing — the perfect combo cream for combo skin! With Aloe as its first ingredients and closely followed by Black Current, you can expect quick and lasting hydration.


Have more dry skin Q’s? Book a Facial or Skin Consult with our Holistic Estheticians!

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