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A Mask for *Every* Bit of Body…


Every bit of body…deserves a mask moment! From head to toes, a little bit of TLC can go a long way when it comes to our physical and emotional wellness. We believe that skincare isn’t just about slathering on products, it’s about taking the time to *care* for our body while it carries us through life.

So, why not treat the not-so-frequently-treated body parts while thanking it for being there for you — day in and day out!

How to: care for *everywhere*…


For your hair / Innersense ‘Detox Hair Mask’ For a squeaky clean hair moment. With a blend of Charcoal, Kaolin Clay + Organic White Vinegar this treatment is ideal for removing product buildup or for a post-beach day deep cleanse.

For your lips / Ilia ‘Lip Wrap’For a hydrated summer pout! Papaya Enzymes exfoliate the surface while Salicornia + Hyaluronic Acid deeply moisturize and repair. Apply before bed and wake up with fully restored lips…

For your chest / Osea ‘White Algae Mask’A favorite face mask for minimizing the appearance of dark spots + sun damage, this whipped cream treatment does the same for the décolletage! Marine Algae works to rehydrate the skin while Resveratrol delivers a powerful antioxidant punch for brighter, refreshed skin.

For your underarms / Nuori ‘Clarity Mask’ – With a hot summer ahead, this clay rich mask is in our arsenal not only for clogged pores, but also for BO prevention! Kaolin + Bentonite clay absorb excess oil while Shea Butter + Hyaluronic Acid calms any irritation caused by shaving or sweating.

For your back / Linné ‘Purify’ – Backne be gone! This multi-use product can be used as a wash on damp skin or a mask on dry skin to wipe away dirt, bacteria and blemish causing environmental pollutants. Just apply before the shower, set for 3-10 minutes, then wash away!

For your butt / H is for Love ‘Propolis’ – AKA the radiance revealer. Rich in Vitamin C to stimulate collagen production *and* Kaolin Clay + Red Alaea Salt to exfoliate, this mask will have your tush looking smoother and renewed.


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