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Be Well

A Step by Step Process for Making 2017 YOUR Year


Glowing self-confidence is right at your fingertips. It’s attainable and you can have it in abundance.

Not only self-confidence, but your ultimate love life, radiant health, career and too-scary-to-say-aloud dreams could also be manifesting this very minute.

But how??

The first step starts with your mind. The brain is a malleable and powerful tool, and when used correctly, could steer you towards your best self. It sounds woo-woo hippie until it happens to you but you’ve GOT to practice the habit of self-love, self-fulfillment and crafting your future from one simple idea. Turning your audacious goals and wildest dreams into concrete statements can be the biggest game-changer of all.

Next obstacle: what if you can’t identify what your deepest desires really are, because you’ve been wayyy too focused on what you don’t want? Worry, guilt, and fear are easy funks to find yourself in regularly, and they can become all too familiar and even comfortable like a raggedy pair of sweats.

Press pause on this cycle, and instead turn the tables. Make what you REALLY want a reality, and blur the lines between your lofty dreams and what is truly, actually, honest-to-goodness your day to day. Pour your soul and turn your attention to the positive and the whirring thunderstorm of naysaying will move right past you. But, the caveat is– you’ve got to create this manifesting muscle.

We’ve got you covered. 😉

Try now: 1) Write down a complaint, worry or fear happening in your life right now. 2) What is the opposite of that comment? Write it down 3) In 3 words, write down what you WANT to feel like, what you WANT to happen on no more than TWO post-its in your house or car. Somewhere where you’ll see it Think bedside table, your bathroom sink, in your car.

Say it aloud when you can, but the visual reminder alone will change the neural pathways and the words will become true to you. Joy, self-esteem, confidence– these things are a CHOICE, and a daily one at that. Invite in lots of it and make opportunities to make your dreams a priority, while squashing that nagging voice in your head that’s getting you EVERYWHERE but where you want to go.

Now, grab a Sharpie and make it happen, babe!

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