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Be Well

The Beauty Food Anti-Diet


Some days, all it takes to turn around an iffy afternoon is a swipe of gloss and a delicious-smelling elixir to spritz in your ‘do to make you feel beautiful, invincible even. Beauty is powerful. Different looks can transform us into daring, effortless, sweet, saucy, and everything in between. We are deeply passionate about indulging in this empowering notion, and in the same breath we are compelled to pause before we go on a voracious rampage at any run-of-the-mill makeup shop. You see, it’s quite counterintuitive to fill our vanities and beauty cabinets with products that incite newfound confidence on the outside while providing a shaky ground on the inside. We have become hyper-aware of the ingredients in our lunch or our fave weekend brunch haunts, but when it comes to our skin, the instinct is to shrug + turn a blind eye.

60% of the stuff we slather on actually seeps into our pores and into our system. Our skin is a living, breathing organ. This news can be received with alarmist, worrisome ears, and the next reasonable action may be to toss out every last chemically-laden product in your house (BEEN there, DONE that). And while that dramatic change can prove to feel like the most freeing purge ever, it can also feel akin to a drastic lifelong juice cleanse without any sense of easing into it. After all, certain eyeshadows/bronzers/lotions/fill-in-the-blanks have felt like an important part of your routine, a piece of your identity. The way to make something sustainable, something that feels authentic and organic and wonderful, is to cultivate the opposite of feeling deprived.

We’re not suggesting a beauty diet; instead, we are proposing a beauty FEAST. Now that we realize that our skin, just like every cell in our body, is absorbing what we put on it, we should be looking for ways to feed it with ingredients it LOVES, that help it GLOW and be RADIANT and CONFIDENT. There are so many wonderful dashes-of-this and mounds-of-that, that will support your skin at the cellular level. When your cells are happy, you aren’t just happy too. You are THRIVING. You’re snagging your dream job. You’re in a blossoming relationship. You’re venturing out of your comfort zone. You’re manifesting the stuff on your dream boards like a to-do list.

Enter, the #swapgood movement. We are excited about helping you make the baby steps toward a revamped makeup and skincare regimen that includes true-blue beauty food. It’s about enhancing, adding, bringing MORE to your life instead of paring down to the point of getting rid of the fun in life.

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