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Sustainable Beauty: April at Shop Good!

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Hi Shop Good Family, Leah here!

According to National Geographic, there are about 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean… and a high percentage of this is due to the beauty industry, which is estimated to contribute 120 billion units of packaging a year. Woah.

And even when we absorb the very last drop of those extra-loved products and confidently march to our recycling bin to ensure it’s responsibly disposed of… our efforts may unfortunately fall short. Personal care and beauty products account for 1/3 of all landfill waste due to multi-component product packaging and lack of micro-sorting at most local recycling facilities. Toss in confusing recycling regulations specific to each municipality… and it leaves our landfills piling high  + leaves us feeling pretty confused as to how we can prioritize caring for our majestic Mama Earth.

So, while we LOVE prioritizing self care in the form of skin, body and mind-supporting natural products, is there a way to consciously consume? How can we prioritize self care and champion sustainability? 

As a purveyor of beauty and skincare products, Shop Good has a responsibility to provide answers to these questions, to challenge traditional industry norms and to push for innovation. A responsibility to support and sell brands who are working towards more sustainable practices, recyclable or post-consumer packaging, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and environmentally-supportive + equitable business models. It’s also our commitment to equip our S/G community with tools, resources, tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle so that we can collectively make a positive impact on our wellbeing, protecting our planet’s biodiversity, improving the health of marginalized communities and looking after the future of our planet. It’s. All. Connected!

But, tbh, jumping head first into more sustainable practices can feel overwhelming, intimidating and even inconvenient! That’s why all April-long at Shop Good, we’ll be diving deep into the topic of Sustainability. Welcome to Sustainable Beauty at Shop Good. 

Reduce your consumption!

Reuse your bottles!

Recycle in a way that matters! 

We’ll help you decode those complex recycling icons and numbers (and what they mean specific to where you live). We’ll pass along creative ways to reuse your household empties. We’ll break down commonly used terms like eco-friendly, zero waste and carbon neutral — and why you should care. We’ll share Shop Good’s work to serve as a conscious company and limit waste. And, our favorite part of it all? We’ll be spotlighting and high-fiving our beloved in-house brands who are seriously prioritizing sustainability in unique and pioneering ways. Hi, Athr Beauty! Hey, Kjaer Weis! Hello, Axiology! You’ll get to know the brands that are operating with you and our planet’s future in mind. (And, may we add, make fabulous products, too!)

Psst – we’ll also be high-fiving YOU for forgoing your shopping bag this month, boldly celebrating Earth Day, and even treating you with a sustainability-inspired Spa Night In (limited spots!). 

While the beauty + skincare industry has many challenges to overcome in the immediate future… the more we know, the more we can advocate for brands and businesses that are striving to do better. We’re so excited to hold this conversation with you, clean beauties. Welcome to April at Shop Good!

Xo – Leah

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