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Be Well

Prettify Your Meals


It’s Saturday night, and as Drake says, your hair’s done, nails done, everything did. You feel incredible, and you’re emanating a confidence and je ne sais quoi that’s attracting all the right kind of energy. Sounds amazing, right?! When we slip into *that* dress or highlight our features with a swipe of hot red lipstick, it can change how we feel about ourselves. Self-care proves time and again to make monumental differences on our psyche.

The same can be said for your plate! When we eat things that look good, the stars align and make us feel like the brilliant, gorgeous and magnetic creatures we are. Being that spring is around the corner, we’re offering up a couple of suggestions to doll up your meals, with nutrient-dense produce that will electrify your spirit and ensure ultimate wellness.

Watermelon Radishes: These babies are hot pink on the inside– like a watermelon!– and rich in water for ultimate hydration. The taxing work of digestion requires a lot of water, so any opportunity to incorporate foods dense in H2O is extremely beneficial to the body, with a healthy dose of sulfur and silicon as skin plumpers!

Edible Flowers: Who doesn’t love a bouquet of gorgeous flowers? Feel like a Michelin-star chef and add edible flowers on everything from open-faced sandwiches, salads, and desserts. High in antioxidants and aesthetically stunning, sprinkling flowers atop your lunch will be like playing out an extravagant tea party fantasy as a grown up. Here’s a quick list of edible flowers if you’re curious.

Rainbow Chard: The variety of color isn’t just pleasing to the eye when it comes to veggies; diversity of hue translates to diversity of nutrients too. Rainbows on your plate isn’t just for fun after all! One of our favorites is rainbow chard, with the deep green leaf and magenta, yellow and purple stems. Rich in Vitamin K and filled with antioxidants and chlorophyll, chard works as an amazing wrap, or in place of taco shells. Eat your greens all day, all day!

Purple Carrots: The typical, run-of-the-mill carrot is orange these days. But ready to switch it up and give your hummus’ partner-in-crime a makeover? Turn to purple carrots. With all the beta-carotene magic of the orange variety, these roots are amazing for your skin and give a great crunch factor at mealtime.

Kiwi: Citrus is always a gorgeous addition to breakfast, and a half of a grapefruit is certainly delicious. But if you’re trying to pack a vitamin C punch (soothing to the adrenals!), turn to kiwi. This sweet, furry fruit helps to fight free-radicals and is incredibly anti-aging.

Heirloom Tomatoes: A stunner in the summer, tomatoes are high in cancer-fighting lycopene and heart-healthy potassium and folate. In vibrant yellow, purple and green, these are delicious as a complement to salads, bruschetta and salsa. Yum!!


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