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Your Official Crash Course in Holiday Wellness


After a few weeks (or more) of indulging to every whim and craving November + December bring on, your next move might be to swing the retox/detox pendulum wayyy to the side of restriction.

Let’s not, okay?

For one, that’s a very stressful dance to keep up during the holidays. Plus our M.O. is to have bothwhich certainly applies to the season of charcuterie plates and bubbly. You can enjoy clinking glasses and still put your health as priority number one. You just have to amp up your wellness arsenal, and we’ve got juuuuust the solution!

Below are our tried and true secrets for balance, so you can schmooze and booze to your heart’s desire with ZERO need to guilt-trip afterwards. Maybe you did that last year, and the year before–but this new game plan will have you feeling well, vibrant, lighter and brighter for 2017!

Supercharge the Morning

You may have heard the buzz of lemon water (so simple, REALLY works!) but with the craziness of shopping, work obligations and catching up with long lost friends, we like to up the ante a little bit. We make 2 drinks every AM:

  • warm water, squeeze of lemon, capful of apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric and a pinch of black pepper (to combat inflammation, to boost gut health, and detoxify the system first thing)
  • coffee, a tablespoon of ghee, and a heaping spoonful of this (for healthy fats, to stabilize blood sugar, and skin-loving vitamin E)

Fight Bloat

When you’re not rocking Uggs and your most comfy sweatpants, you’ll most likely be glammed up and photo-ready. Look toned and feel radiant in your holiday pics –even after dinner and dessert– by popping these digestive enzymes (ours contain pancreatin to stimulate the small intestine so you absorb all of your nutrients and skip digestive discomfort) before your meal. If we still feel our skirt getting a little tighter, we rub Vitruvi’s peppermint oil on your tummy to reduce bloat.


Feel Blissfully Relaxed

Stress reduction is our #1 tip in feeling well– all the kale in the world won’t make you feel like a bombshell unless your mindset shifts too. We buy Vitruvi “Still” aromatherapy oil in bulk, as the unique blend of vetiver and floral sage transports to a place of meditation and calm. To set the scene for a blissed out 10 minutes, we also light this Slow North candle and allow this time to let our mind drift to our deepest desires for 2017. Make sure to write them down. We like to keep up this practice on the daily!


Minimize Breakouts

Blemishes — we just don’t have time for them during these hectic weeks! A diet brimming with dark leafy greens, healthy fats like chia seeds and coconut oil, and easing up on the sugar can do wonders. To stave off cravings for the sweets that seem to float through the office, feel empowered and pack bone broth to transform your health, lift your mood, feel lighter, and brighten/tighten your skin. Our other secret weapon? Activated charcoal. Charcoal is a buzzy superfood these days, and works by binding toxins to completely detox the system and rid your body of the typical, environmental culprits for acne. This is powerful stuff, so make sure not to take alongside prescription medication.

Skip the Hangover

We decided a while ago that a couple cocktails was not going to hold us back from feeling fresh and vibrant the next day, so we got our research hats on and found some foolproof ways to avoid the ice factor after a killer party. Beforehand, you can see us flooding our body with extra B and C vitamins, which speeds up your liver’s time to metabolize the alcohol (meaning less time in the system). Alongside drinking a glass of water in between EVERY drink– really works, we promise!– we also like to utilize Oil of Oregano the next day for antimicrobial superpowers and extra gut love.

  • Luv Your Liver: in a blender, pour 10 oz coconut milk, a handful of spinach, generous frozen mango, a teaspoon of spirulina and 2 heaping handfuls of cilantro. Blend and bless your liver– heavy metals, see ya never!

Wake up Rested

The key to waking up energized starts the night before, and bedtime rituals might rank up to the top of our favorite things. A couple of tips for smart sleep hygiene:

  1. Set the Scene- Bedtime and face masks go magically well together, like avocado on toast. The selection in Shop Good is pretty stellar, and right now we love to rock Botnia’s Hydration Now! Face Mask. If you want to fully relax after your long days of wrapping up Q4 and wrapping presents, we recommend drawing a bath with Herbivore’s Bath Detox Bath Salts  and a healthy spritz of Wildcare’s Purple Majesty Lavender Hydrosol
  2. Dream Calmly- We SWEAR BY Calm Magnesium (fun fact: it was one of the OG wellness products in Shop Good, and for good reason!) Magnesium performs 300 enzymatic reactions in your body daily and contributes to restful sleep, anxiety relief and gut and mood health– basically, the recipe for sweet dreams. We toss 2 tablespoons in water and guzzle down before falling into sweet slumber
  3. Power Down Hour– Try your very hardest to look up from your phone and keep your eyes peeled away from all screens for an HOUR before bed. All that endless scrolling can do real damage to your REM cycle

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