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Healthy Hormones: February at Shop Good!


Happy February, Shop Good Loves!

I hope you enjoyed the process of deep cleansing with us during this fast first month of the year! Whatever your cleansing practice looked like, we congratulate you! My hope is that, today, your foundation feels just a bit brighter… and stronger too.

Looking ahead into this year, this foundation may still feel shaky. Feel uncertain. But whether our physical shop or spa doors are open or closed (psst, they’re now both open!) my commitment to you does not change. My hope is that each month, Shop Good provides you with value, support, education, tools and inspiration in ways we can take better care of ourselves with more ease… and more fun!

And this month’s conversation needs very little introduction — we pulled this one out of the Shop Good Theme Arsenal with enthusiasm. Not only did I deal with the challenges of hormonal imbalances throughout my entire chronic health journey (cue cystic acne, hair loss, tanked energy and a missing period for years), but so many of us today deal with the good, the difficult and the often times confusing effects our hormones have on our everyday lives.

Yes, hormones are ah-maz-ing. They’re a complex system of chemical messengers that travel to tissues and organs and signal them to do their job. They play a huge role in our growth and development, our bodily processes, our mood, our sexual function, our stress response, reproduction, metabolism, our skin health and MORE! 

But why must we so often feel at the mercy of finding hormonal balance? And what does that term even mean? 

So, anyone guess right? We’re welcoming Healthy Hormones BACK in February at Shop Good! And everything hormone-related is on. the. table. We’ll talk: the hormone-stress connection. We’ll dive deeeeep into hormonal acne. We’ll break down menstruation therapies like seed cycling, acupuncture and optimal supplementation. We’ll explore how to have better periods. We’ll introduce you to game-changing tools to help navigate monthly hormones woes (in skincare and in wellness!). And, yep, we’ll get personal and chat about our sex hormones, sexual wellness and how to grow the relationship with ourselves. 

And finally? We’ll break down why we believe we don’t have to feel at the mercy of our hormones. We’re hitting delete on stigmas around unbalanced hormones, bleeding, infertility, hormonal acne and more.  Because our hormones deserve the love, nourishment and support they need to thrive… so that we can thrive too. 

Welcome to Healthy Hormones and the month of February, Shop Good Family!



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