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Love Language: February at Shop Good!

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From Our Founder,

I hope you have taken the time to ease into the new year and relinquish any unreasonable expectations of yourself. For me, starting this year quietly listening to my body and what it needs has allowed me to feel stronger and think clearer as I look ahead.

Listening to the body’s needs has served as a steadfast pillar of wellness here at Shop Good. After all, we are all unique, so the ways we practice love + care for ourselves are obviously unique, too. So, what better time of the year to dive deep into the ways we receive care, comfort and l-o-v-e. This month is ‘Love Language’ at Shop Good.

Know your love language? Our team’s been excited to dive in and learn, too. There are five love languages, as proposed by author and counselor, Gary Chapman, in 1992. He found patterns in the way couples connect and accept love from one another. 

These Love Languages are:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of service
  • Gifts
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch

Join us all month as we dissect how to ‘speak’ each language while getting up close and personal about how we love to feel respected, connected and deeply loved. 

Plus, our hearts are bursting for our February happenings. We’re bringing BACK our infamous skincare masterclasses with customizable skincare line, Kypris… We’re extending the part of our facials you wish never ended… and we’re making things permanent with Lakuna Links.

Love to love yourself, baby. Welcome to Feb at Shop Good!

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