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5 Steps to Back-to-Reality Radiance

Just as we dove head first into the waves of summer, we are equally thrilled at the prospect of fall and the back-to-school mentality that arrives like clockwork following Labor Day.

We’re all about rituals and we’d like to welcome this change officially, with totally doable ways to refresh and set intention for the new season. Meaning, we’ve got 5 ways to fold away the frenzied, hot & bothered feeling of June, July & August and begin a beauty regimen that will turn up the grounded, blissed-out vibes of autumn. You ready to hit reset?!

1. Slough off with a Dry Brush

First things first: start with a clean slate. Dry brushing is an incredibly healing method of awakening your lymphatic system, freeing you from dry, dead skin and calling action to your every inch. This little brush does all of that in under 5 minutes. Beginning at your feet, use circular motions to brush your skin, moving up towards your heart. This simple ritual offers real results, including taut skin, eased digestion, and more of thatglow. From first-hand experience, it’s a one-and-done addition to your pre-shower plan that will make you feel fab.

2. Hydrate with Sea Salt Water Sole

All of that sunshine was great for your Vitamin D quota and providing some salon-free natural highlights, but it also might have you feeling dried out and a little deflated. Answer your skin’s prayers by looking inside and doing something a little counterintuitive: add sea salt to your water! Unlike table salt, sea salt balances the electrolytes in your body as you flood your system with water, and allows for your cells to open and properly receive the hydration for bonafide, enriched hydration. Just a tablespoon or 2 will do for 16 ounces of water. Or! Go full force and make your own Sole too.

3. Rejuvenate with Wildcare Soft Focus Face Mask

There’s nothing more satisfying than organizing your to-do lists and planning your fall intentions with a healing mask dolloped on your face. Multitasking at its finest, as we like to say! The mask of the moment that we are scooping by the handful out of the jar because of its absolute ~*magical*~ properties, comes by way of Wildcare and their heavenly Soft Focus face mask. This baby is made of pineapple extract, coconut milk, and superfood pearl. Pearls are both a classic choice to don at a garden party and a total skin beautifier; the iridescent pearl has an impressive nutrition profile of amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. If you want the compliments of your vacation glow to keep rolling in months after the fact, this is your go-to.

4. Detoxify with Dandelion Root Tea

Summer is praised as the season with a get-out-of-jail-free card in terms of any and all indulgences. Playing hooky on all of your healthful priorities can have your body asking to “get back to class!” and the liver detoxifying qualities of dandelion tea helps you stay the course. The root is a bitter herb, which makes it a wonderful blood builder, cleanser, and when sipped regularly, proves to be a great agent in helping toxins exit your bod and reducing dreaded bloat.

5. Radiate with H is For Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist

With one spritz, H is for Love changes your day from ok to transformational. Sounds dramatic, but the vibrations of these products are the EXACT thing you need to float into next season with skin that gives you confidence for miles. This illuminating mist does just that, with a recipe of aloe, a pinch anti-inflammatory witch hazel and dreamy rose hydrosol to tone your skin and create an even + clean canvas, primed for your future.

Now, hold close to your memories of summer– you know we will!– and feel nothing but refreshed and revved for what’s next!

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* pic via Wildcare’s IG (@SHOP_Wildcare)

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