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Good Talks No. 18 / feat. Arielle Estoria!


SG: Hi Arielle! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to pursue written word + poetry. 

Arielle: Hi! My name is Arielle Estoria. I am a poet, author, actor and overall artist of many fields. I have always been in love with written word, would journal stories and my day to day as a kid and into high school and it just stayed with me. I have always processed the world best through writing and so it just made sense that it also became my creative outlet but never did I think it would become my career. My first creative love was theater and I wrote a lot of monologues and short plays in the perspective of other characters both fictional and real and then my poetry became an outlet to share my own perspective.

SG: Do you practice any daily rituals that help fuel your creative process?

A: I usually always have to start my day off with some type of physical activity whether that be a yoga flow, walk or just a stretch but in order for me to hone in and feel focused I need physical activity at some point in my day but usually in the morning. Music also is a great way for me to tap into my creative flow as well.

SG: Rapid fire, MySpace survey style…we wanna know your favorites, what you’re currently into and how you like your coffee:

Currently Reading/Fav Book: My favorite book is Untamed by Glennon Doyle and I’m currently reading poetry books by Ntozake Shange

Current Song Obsession: Energy by Beyonce or Church Girls

Your Favorite AM/PM Rituals: I love a slow morning that includes exercise and coffee and in the evening I love winding down watching whatever show my husband and I are watching together and getting to bed by like 9 hahah

Go-to cocktail/mocktail order: I love a good sangria but natural wines are my go to

Favorite Charity: Loveland Foundation

Go-to Beauty Tool: Anything from Ilia Beauty

Favorite Writer: gosh thats so hard I don’t know if I have a favorite!

Current Snack Obsession: Siete’s Fuego kettle chips

Dream dinner guest: Adele or Maya Angelou 

Your Coffee order: Iced oat milk honey latte with extra ice!

Favorite Podcast: Currently loving a lot of Actor learning podcasts and one I come back to a lot is On Being with Krista Tippett

Go-to Stress Coping Mechanism: honestly movement/ yoga or being outside 

SG: You have a new book coming out next year, ‘The Unfolding’. Can you share a little bit about this new work and where we can find your other works?

A: Absolutely! I am so excited for the world to experience the Unfolding. It’s about all the different ways we expand and grow as human beings and oftentimes that expansion and change can be seen as negative or unfamiliar but it’s a beautiful and consistent part of our existence. In the Unfolding, I share my own expanding experience and process of spirituality, body image and relationships through poetry, essays and end each section with journal reflection prompts so that we can take the words off of the page and into your soul.


SG: What’s your best advice for those struggling with their mental health?

A: Finding tools and tactics that work for you. Finding spaces that fill you with the most joy and also where you feel the most full and most you. I think gratitude is also a great process for this as well, finding little glimpses of hope in each day to be grateful for and letting that carry us through the low points. 


You can find more about Arielle + her work, here.
Head to our Instagram to check out her takeover!


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