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Body Talk: June at Shop Good!


Hi SG Family, Leah here!

It has been thrilling to watch life breathed back into our communities and neighborhoods once again. Summer is around the corner and we are safely reentering the (undoubtedly forever changed) world we live in. We’re feeling the opening to reconnect with one another, to rejoin the communities that are important to us, and participate in critical in-person interactions that allow us to feel a sense of belonging. In-person connections, and the safe space this can provide, is a key reason why I opened up stores in the first place!

Because, without community and connection, it’s easy to get cozy in our own heads – and yes, that includes the negative self-talk, self-comparison and the feelings of ‘not fitting in’. 

Across all genders, all skin tones + types, all shapes and sizes, we are all wonderfully unique… as is our experience with our physical bodies! (Including the expected… and the unexpected too.)  From body acne to body odor… razor burn to eczema… ingrowns to yeast infections… and all the curve balls in between. The body sure does have a mind of its own! 

But when we open space to talk about the historically ‘taboo’ things our bodies do, (which ps, makes you uniquely YOU) then we can show up for ourselves with more love and pride than ever before. 

So in the theme of hugging, opening up, showing up for one another, and getting BACK together to share in our safe space, we’re bringing back a S/G classic where anything and everything goes. 

Welcome to June and BODY TALK at Shop Good!

Our doors are wide open for unapologetic, real talk around those body-wonders + woes as we shed the year past, join hands and look ahead. We’ll dive into the head-to-toe body topics that leave you scratching your head and wondering “am I the only one experiencing this?” (p.s., you’re not.) And as always, we’ll provide ideas and effortless solutions with all-natural and nourishing tools + support.

Not only are you invited to participate in these open and transparent conversations all month long, but you’re also invited to celebrate Pride Month, honor Juneteenth, and join us in our FIRST in-person event in 15 months (oh. my. goodness. is. right!) where we’ll exercise both the physical body and mental body with some of our most beloved community partners. 

Ready to get back together and support one another? We sure are. We’re getting raw, real and honest while celebrating our bods, skin and all of the magic within. Welcome to #bodytalk.


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