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Self Ceremonies: September at Shop Good!


How is it already September! While we spent the last month at Shop Good nourishing, building and re-balancing our microbiome, the balance in our body is only as optimal as the mindset we carry. 

According to Dr Joe Dispenza and his book, Evolve Your Brain, The Science of Changing Your Mind, our thoughts can actually control our body’s physiological processes and the greater state of our health. He says “for every thought we have, a surge of electrical currents from your brain release an unknown number of neurochemicals, responsible for the operation of your nervous system.” And when these thoughts are placed on repeat, they move into autopilot, forming our unconscious ways of thinking and being. 

It’s no wonder the constant weight of the world may be coinciding with unwanted physical shifts in our bodies. I, first, invite you to send yourself some love + kindness for your strength in weathering these difficult times… and then I invite you to ask yourself: “what do I have the power to control?”

I’m thrilled to present this month’s special theme at Shop Good. Because, I believe that the most powerful tools we own are our thoughts. And all month long, we’ll be offering tangible ways to carve out time and create space to tap into this incredible superpower. 

Welcome to “Self Ceremonies” and September at Shop Good!

Body, mind, skin and spirit! The ways we carve out time to honor ourselves do not need to be overly complicated or time-intensive… or look any certain way. Nope. It’s the unique ways we commit to cultivating a mindful pause that can pave the way for a clear mind and positive thinking. 

And in classic Shop Good-style, we’ll be sharing quick, reasonable, realistic and effortless tips, tricks and ideas for building attainable daily rituals that create space for honoring you, along with the all-natural tools to support. We’ll feature and highlight, introduce and host(!!!) the brands and their founders that deeply believe in the positive benefits of ritual and self care ceremonies. And we’ll focus our conversations around actionable ways we can support ourselves and each other during a time when our mental and physical health may feel more wobbly than ever.  

Join me this month in cultivating just one (or three!) new ceremonies for the self. Because when given the space, the vibration of our positive thoughts have the power to heal and lift ourselves up, and those around us, too. 



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