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Re-Thinking DIY Skincare! Try These Instead…


Just over here, busting DIY skincare myths… with safe + sustainable swaps! We’re alllll about simplifying our AM + PM routines to support our skin… and the planet! But sometimes, oversimplifying can lead us into treacherous waters. And when it comes to those already-on-hand ingredients and DIY moments, please be careful! Many can be incompatible, overly aggressive and skin compromising when directly applied on that beautiful face. Instead of grabbing for the next viral DIY-pantry trend, keep reading for safe, yet eco-friendly alternatives that your skin and mother earth will swoon for.

Safer + sustainable swaps ahead…


Apple Cider Vinegar Swap / Josh Rosebrook ‘Daily Acid Toner’While it may appear to help zap acne, long-term use of this astringent vinegar can not only corrode your skin’s natural barrier, but can even cause burns + major irritation! Instead, grab this brightening toner that is safe for even sensitive skin. pH balanced with glycolic fruit + flower acids and packaged in a glass recyclable bottle (with an aluminum lid!), it’ll give you even better results than ACV sans the risk of long term damage and irritation.

Coconut Oil Swap / Botnia ‘Replenishing Facial Oil’ – We all have that one friend who *swears* by pure coconut oil as their facial moisturizer. While it may work for some, pure coconut oil has a high comedogenic rating (AKA it’s extra likely to cause clog pores). So pop the jar back in the kitchen and grab this lux oil by Botnia. Grown on a sustainable microfarm and packaged in glass, jojoba oil is used to mimic the skin’s natural sebum (along with other powerfully restorative botanicals). Think increased cell turnover and all day barrier protection, minus the slick, oily feel!

Lemon Juice Swap / Ursa Major ‘Brighten Up Vitamin C’Used as a common kitchen hack for fading hyperpigmentation, this DIY trick can cause way more harm than good! When citrus juice is placed on the skin and in contact with UV light, it can cause a phototoxic reaction — AKA a rash or burn calledphytophotodermatitis. Not worth the squeeze! Meet this safer swap with a combo of plant-based Vit. C from rosehip seed oil + ascorbic acid polypeptide. Bonus: Ursa Major has announced their plans to go plastic-negative!

Honey Cinnamon Mask Swap / Osea ‘Red Algae Mask’ – Although extremely delicious, this spice doesn’t belong in your skincare routine as it has been known to cause allergic reactions and even painful burns! So leave the cinna-mask for the baked goods and grab this gentle alternative. With a minor tingling sensation, it uses French red clay to draw out impurities and absorb excess oil without risk of burning + redness. Annnd it’s packaged in glass? *hits add to cart*

Toothpaste/Baking Soda Swap / Cocokind ‘Turmeric Tonic’There’s nothing more frustrating than a pesky pimple popping up… we get it! While toothpaste + baking soda can bring down inflammation temporarily, they may eventually create irritation leaving you with discoloration long after your pimple passes. That’s where this pocket-sized pimple rescue comes in! Using turmeric + melaleuca it busts blemishes fast while also helping to fade hyperpigmentation… not cause it. Packaged in a recyclable sugarcane tube!


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