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A Skincare Swap-Out Guide By Nuori Founder


Something  F R E S H  has just blossomed at Shop Good.

Nuori is our newest results-driven skincare line, perfectly blending the worlds of super-natural and immediate results. Each batch is flown in from Denmark every three months, placing potency and efficacy as their tip top priority. And we cannot get enough of it.

We’re honored to have sat down with today’s guest contributor and Founder of Nuori, Jasmi Bonnèn, to dive into the ‘WHY’ behind her skincare SWAP OUT MUSTS and the need she saw to create each product in the line. Having worked in the conventional beauty industry, Jasmi was exposed first-hand to the lack of active ingredients and freshness in products on the market. That drove her to rethink the industry standard on freshness and create an alternative solution for women and men around the world – the end result being luxurious, fresh and targeted skincare to help you achieve your best skin yet.

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Read on for the most important swap-outs in your skin routine and an introduction to the Nuoir line by the fresh-and-clean queen herself.


Facial Cleanser

Shop Good: Jasmi, we just love the feeling of a foaming cleanser. But what should we be aware of when swapping out for a clean choice?

Jasmi Bonnèn: If you want a foaming cleanser to do a proper job, ingredients that function as surfactants are key. These surfactants are really smart since they reduce the surface tension of water and can break up oil and sebum on skin and by that, allowing dirt and grime to be washed away. But many of these cleansing agents tend to do a more aggressive job than needed and will strip skin of all the good, moisture-balancing oils. This is often the case with sulfates that are easy recognizable by the larger bubbles they create in formulas. 

A cleanser with smaller bubbles can be equally cleansing, while maintaining the skin’s natural oil balance. Our Vital Foaming Cleanser is formulated with natural Cocamidopropyl Betaine which is very gentle, sulfate-free surfactant. The properties of this ingredient are boosted by other beneficial ingredients in the formula such as fermented pomegranate and radish root extracts that effectively removes impurities and dead skin cells without irritating the skin. 



SG: Ok, to tone or not to tone, and shouldn’t toners be hydrating instead of stripping? What should we look for when swapping for a gentle yet effective toner?

JB: Many people tell me that they are still not fully comfortable with using toners. Even though toners have been part of the three-step skincare routine for many decades, there is still the misconception that toners should contain alcohol and harsh astringents. When I developed our Vital Unifier, it was important for me that this product should be sealing the cleansing phase by lifting the last traces of dirt – but without drying out the skin. More importantly, I wanted to create a formula that was loaded with nourishing ingredients that could ensure my skin stayed fresh and was always hydrated. This is also why this product is not called a toner but a unifier: It is not only the unifying element in my daily skincare routine – it actually combines the functions of a toner, essence and mist in one product.


Vitamin C Serum

SG: It seems like Vitamin C is all the rage, but we know Vitamin C can be very tricky to absorb into the skin safely and actually reap the benefits. Can you break this down for us and what should we look for?

JB: Many products claim a high percentage of the very potent form of vitamin C called ascorbic acid in their formulas. But the issue is that this ingredient is also very unstable in cosmetic formulas. In fact, this vitamin starts breaking down immediately once it has been mixed into any formula containing water. Already 4 months after blending, the molecule will have lost 30% of its original effect… so imagine what little there is left of this vitamin in a product that has a shelf life of over two years. With our Supreme-C Serum Treatment I selected a type of packaging that keeps the ascorbic acid separated from the serum base and allows you to freshly mix the product at home right before the first application. Although our Supreme-C Serum Treatment contains 7,5% of ascorbic acid, it is more potent than many other products on the market with even over 10% vitamin c concentration, exactly because it is freshly blended at home.

It is also important to highlight that there is a huge difference between derivatives of ascorbic acid and 100% natural, pure ascorbic acid. We of course use the latter!



SG: We are really picky about the exfoliators we choose to carry at Shop Good. We’re also cautious about who exfoliators are right for and how much they should be exfoliating. Its so specific to each person’s skin condition, which changes often too. How did you go about creating yours without making a generalization about exfoliation?
JB: Skin is very much a living organism and is greatly influenced by both external and intern factors such as pollution, climate, nutrition, hormonal changes – and not least stress. When I started developing our Supreme Polishing Treatment, I wanted to create a daily adaptable blending kit that allows everyone to create a personalized, day-to-day blend that can be adjusted to the changing needs of skin.
So how do you create a polisher that can sometimes be very gentle and at other times more intensive? My solution was to split the formula in two components: Enzyme Complex and Powder Booster. The cream-based complex consists of a blend of fruit enzymes that are natural, much gentler alternatives to alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs). The booster is made of jojoba beads, rice powder and finely gained aloe vera that gently exfoliates and conditions skin. The powder is of course environmentally friendly and without silicone beads. By mixing the product yourself in you preferred ratio, you are always certain to achieve the desired goal: a revitalized and radiant skin that is able to breathe.



Face Mask

SG: Lets talk swapping out our face masks for natural. Yours is a cream base and we literally can’t wait for bed so we are able to slather it on our faces. What makes yours SO results oriented but also safe for the skin?

JB: It is quite difficult to develop 100% natural cream-based formulas that can absorb quickly into skin. This is mainly because these natural formulas don’t contain PEGs which help other ingredients absorb into the skin. However, it has been shown that PEGs can upset the natural moisture balance in skin since they are altering the surface tension.
With our Supreme Moisture Mask we first of all used moisturizing and nourishing ingredients with smaller molecule sizes so the formula could actually absorb into skin and do it magic where it is needed. And one of the ingredients in this formula that I am particular fond of is a unique split form of natural hyaluronic acid that has a lower molecular weight and size than the regular, more known hyaluronic acid. It is thereby is able to better penetrate the skin and deliver remarkably hydrating and fortifying benefits. And this ingredient not only replenishes and retains skin’s inner water reservoirs, the ingredient also functions as an exceptional carrier of other beneficial ingredients for the skin such as vitamins and fatty acids.


Lip Balm 

SG: Lip products are so important to swap out because we apply them multiple times every day, and that exposure adds up! Tell us about your approach to lip products and how you formulated yours for safety and efficacy!

JB: Conventional lip balms or chapsticks can actually have the opposite desired effect on your lips causing them to become dry and dependent for moisture. They can also be smudged and ingested, which means you want to go as natural as possible when it comes to a lip treatment.

Our product is called Lip Treat because you can in fact eat all the ingredients in the formula – not that we recommend you do! But there has been a lot of studies showing how much lip product we eat in a lifetime  – and image if this product contains petrolatums and other potential harmful ingredients. It was therefore key for me to develop a product with the best nature has to offer such as sweet almond and apricot oils, shea, avocado and cocoa butter. For sealing in moisture we used a mix of Japanese fruit berry and beeswax. If people are used to the heavy, petrolatum-based lip care products, it might take a little bit of time to get adjust to an all-natural product. But once you have felt the difference on your lips it is impossible to go back to synthetic ingredients.



SG: Ok we have to ask. Favorite clean sunscreen Go!

JB: I have been trying to avoid chemical fillers for several years now, and I have been very happy to see new all-natural brand such as Suntegrity come on the market. I have tried dozens of formulas, but honestly, I still often feel that the products leave a whitening residue, or that the textures are a bit too sticky or result in clogged pores. So this is an area where I hope to see even more product advancements in the future.

suntegrity_face-sunscreen_grandePsst…A few other Shop Good recommendations without the white cast – Josh Rosebrook + Ursa Major!


SG: Any other top swap outs you can leave us with?!

JB: Traditional insect repellents are so toxic, and I would never use them on my kids. I have recently had great results with all-natural, DEET-free bug sprays such as Sailaway Bug Spray from Captain Blankenship, and my boys love the Smart Amor Perfume Spray from Intelligent Nutrients.



You can officially shop the entire Nuori line at our San Diego boutique or at our online clean beauty shop!Have additional questions regarding Nuori products for your skin type? Need support to #SWAPOUT your current products?  Our Product Experts and Holistic Estheticians are here for you! Email us at or give us a call at the Shop! 619-501-5362.

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