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Natural Retinols 101


Natural Retinols 101!

Ahhh retinol…one of the most highly praised ingredients in skincare. But what exactly is it? Most simply, retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A and works on a cellular level to strengthen the epidermis, increase cellular turnover, improve the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles and can even fight hyperpigmentation.

Most are sourced synthetically in a lab (hi retinol palmitate + tretinoin). But various botanicals have been found to provide similar retinol functionality and are now championed as natural alternatives to retinol (think: bakuchiol, cacay oil, and rosehips, just to name a few).

At Shop Good, we love these plant-based alternatives because of their gentler formulations, generally safer ingredients and their more sustainable sourcing practices…while never compromising results.

Radiant skin ahead…


Beauty Sleep! / Cocokind ‘Resurfacing Sleep Mask’Winner of the 2021 Byrdie Eco Beauty award, this pillow proof overnight mask uses bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol, to fade dark spots + oat-derived beta glucan to lock in hydration + support your skin’s natural lipid barrier. Best paired with a night of *good* sleep!

Regenerative Retinoid / Josh Rosebrook ‘Active Infusion Oil’ – Using state-of-the-art cosmetic science, this formula includes a synthetically derived form of retinol – hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR). Combined with stabilized Vitamin C + antioxidant support from Vitamin E and you’ve got a truly safe and effective oil that supports skin elasticity AND luminosity.

The All-in-One / GoopGenes ‘Super Nutrient Face Oil’A truly *super* oil that’s formulated with Bakuchiol derived Retinol, Amala derived Vitamin C and Squalane. Save space in your beauty cabinet and use this rich oil morning + night for reduced wrinkles, supple skin, and increased radiance. *Adds to cart*

Youth Boost! / Tata Harper ‘Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil’Known as a “youth restoring booster”, this multi-tasking complex uses Rosehip derived Retinoic Acid to support signs of aging. Plus, with a powerful combo of skin-loving vitamins it’ll leave your skin feeling oh-so nourished and healthy. Because healthy skin *is* glowy skin!


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