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Get Moving: May at Shop Good!

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Hi Friends of Shop Good!

It’s officially May!

As we close out our month talking all things #sustainability, we must all keep our focus on using less, reusing more and supporting innovators and pioneers in the sustainable beauty space.

During my health journey, I found myself in survival mode. Inflamed and chronically exhausted, the idea of movement sounded harsh, abrasive and challenging. I even had doctors tell me my body could only handle walking, nothing more! But, what I didn’t know then, was that movement was actually my medicine.

The body has millions of vessels and nodes housed within our lymphatic system (the body’s built-in sanitation center that filters out toxins from every cell, tissue and organ). When this system is inactivated for extended periods of time, it becomes stagnant and stores waste, leading to fatigue, swelling, inflammation and the possibility of disease.

Getting my heart rate up, stretching and moving my body turned out to be more effective than any supplement of protocol my doctors handed me. And because movement leads to an increase of serotonin and norepinephrine (which reduces depression and helps us better respond to stress), I began to find happiness again, too.

So let’s all get moving. Welcome to May, at Shop Good!

We have everything we need to heal and nourish our bodies: our own bodies themselves. And when we honor our bodily systems by moving them around and activating their energies, our digestive systems awaken, our hormones balance and our detoxification systems perks up. Additional side effects include: clearer skin, a brightened mood and better sleep. (#winning)

This month, we’ll invite experts of movement into our shops (heyyy Activate House and BodyROK!) and onto our TikTok feed. We’ll talk all things lymphatic drainage, skin circulation, foods for pre and post workout, and mindful (+ super quick) ways to get the blood pumping… and yes, skin glowing.

Our endorphins are already rising… let’s get MOVING!

See you in shop,

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