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Bye, Bye Maskne!

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The mask-acne skin woe is *not* so 2020. You’re not alone if your skin is still fighting mask-induced blemishes, redness and dryness due to trapped sweat, heat, sebum and inflammation-causing bacteria…all in one concentrated area. Ugh! When it comes to keeping that dreaded maskne at bay, maintaining *good* skin hygiene before, during and after wearing your mask is key!

Read on for our tips to keep things exxxtra clean beneath your mask:

Begin With The Mask.

Did you know the material of your mask can directly impact your skin health?When choosing a face mask, opt for lighter weight materials that create less friction – a double layer cotton or silk is preferred over synthetic materials like polyester + rayon. And don’t forget: try to wash your mask after *every* use, regardless of material. If a daily wash isn’t realistic, have extra masks on hand to swap out OFTEN.

Try Shop Good’s very own Silk Masks made from raw organic silk for maximum breath-ability and the gentlest touch against your skin.

Pro tip: when cleaning your face masks, aim for a dye-free, fragrance-free solution to avoid further irritation to your skin. Our Shop Good all-purpose washes make for the perfect mask-washing solution.

Break Up With Makeup!

Yes, we went there! Wearing makeup under your mask can interfere with humidity levels and in turn affect your skin’s sebum production, leading to (you guessed it) clogged pores + breakouts! If you do wear makeup, choose lightweight makeup options for the top half of your face and let the skin from your nose down remain a skincare-only zone!

Pro tip: focus your under-the-mask skincare on hydrating + anti-inflammatory ingredients like hyaluronic acid, turmeric, sandalwood + lavender. Try Berlin Skin’s Sandalwood Face Cream.

Refresh On-The-Go!

If you know you’ll be wearing your mask for long periods of time, plan ahead! You’ll want to have the tools on hand to refresh your skin as needed; a must for preventing any future breakouts. Say ‘see ya’ to any built-up sweat, oils and bacteria with anti-inflammatory + antiseptic ingredients, like willow bark + sugarcane.

Try Ursa Major Face Wipes to keep skin cleansed and fresh on-the-go. These powerful wipes also contain healing skin ingredients like green tea + aloe. The all-day-in-a-mask game-changer!

Go Deeper

Okay, this step is a must! A post-mask deep cleanse (aka as soon as you get home) can really help stop maskne in its tracks. But not all acne-fighting cleansers are equal! Here’s why: while we want to cleanse away any blemish-causing impurities, we also want to reinforce a strong moisture barrier for our overall skin health and some acne-targeting cleansers can be just too stripping for everyday use.

Try a nourishing yet clarifying cleanser like Botnia’s Gentle Cleanser on the daily, and reach for a treatment-based cleanser like Tata Harper’s Clarifying Cleanser 2-3 times a week.


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