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Soothe Your Sunburn, Naturally!


By: Ashley Wittke, Shop Good Holistic Esthetician

Longer days, a bathing suit as the outfit of choice, and that glow we’ve been craving while those Spring clouds keep hanging around! While basking in the Summer sun sounds *oh so* dreamy,  sunny days can also bring some “oops” moments; it can be easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to reapply that SPF! (ouch.)

Yes, that first sunburn of the summer can be painful, but even beyond that, over-exposure to the sun can cause skin inflammation, dryness and long-term damage like thinning of the skin, pre-mature aging and a higher probability of skin cancer. 

But it’s not just how you avoid the sun, it’s how you care for your skin after a little too much of it, that can make the biggest difference in ‘Practicing Safe Skin’.

Fear not. Our Holistic Esthetician is here to prepare you in case you fall victim to summer’s first scorching kiss!

Read on to learn Ashley’s top 5 ways to heal and rebalance your skin after a sunburn — from the inside out and outside in, using all-natural ingredients. 

1. Hydrate

A sunburn can be drying to the skin – and oftentimes cause dehydration due to the burn drawing fluid to the skin’s surface, pulling it away from the rest of the body. We all know by now that keeping hydrated is crucial for your health and overall well-being. And, if we’re being honest, I think we’ve all kicked ourselves once or twice the day after we just spent countless hours poolside. Not only are we feeling *blah* because we choose a delicious cocktail over that oh-so important glass of water, but our skin is also feeling a little blah. We’re red, dry, and maybe a little sensitive.

Internally: Incorporating Aloe Vera (a V water-dense plant) is ideal in preventing and treating dehydration. Being a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, this plant not only protects your skin, it also has been shown to neutralize effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and repairs your skin from existing UV damage! The perfect addition after a long weekend in the sun. Try Realfood Organics Aloe Vera – juice of 100% inner filet aloe vera that has been researched for its support of immune, digestive and antioxidant health when eight ounces are used daily!

Topically: Reach for Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator to instantly uplift your mood and your skin. This multi-action product is a combination hydrator, toner, and a light moisturizer all in one (uhh, yes please). Organic vitamin-infused aloe water and fatty acids delivers an intense amount of hydration, while rich antioxidants and fatty acids boost the skin’s structure, reinforcing the protective acid mantle barrier that may have gotten a little compromised in the sun.

Pro tip – keep a travel size (or full, we don’t judge!) in your bag and spritz as much as you like throughout the day. You and your skin will be doing a happy dance as you breathe in it’s magical smell and feel instantly hydrated.

2. Soothe inflammation

Reducing inflammation (both external and internal) is key for healing from a sunburn. Exposure to UV rays can weaken the immune system, which can lead to chronic inflammation. Plus, not to mention the surface redness, feelings of heat, and even swelling that are directly correlated to too much sun exposure.

Internally: Soothe inflammation with our fave vegan omega-3! Simris Algae Omega-3 supplements are entirely plant-based and contain the same nutritious omega-3 found in fish-oil or krill. You can’t manufacture omega-3 fatty acids – EPA, DHA, and ALA – so it’s important to get them through your diet. Simris Omega-3 for athletes also contains astaxanthin, which is shown to decrease oxidative stress and has been linked to healthier skin — safe to say these are a win-win!

Topically: We can’t stop reaching for Botnia’s Gentle Hydration Mask when we’ve spent too many hours getting that Vitamin D. This gel mask is packed with powerful moisture ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, to bring your skin ultimate hydration and quicker wound healing. Pairing this star ingredient with the healing powers of Goldenseal and Arnica, this mask is a true soother and will leave you feeling deeply restored and hydrated.

Pro tip: leave in the fridge and apply right before bed, enjoy the instant cooling benefits and wake up with your skin thanking you for that extra TLC!


3. Neutralize redness

The last thing you need is to head into the office Monday with a cherry red face or peeling skin… am I right?!

Topically: Ere Perez’s Oat Milk Foundation is the best cream foundation to cover up that too-much-sun look. It’s unique hydrating formula contains star ingredients like oat milk and vitamin E, promoting healthy, glowing skin. Plus, peach extracts help replenish and protect the skin from free radicals.

Internally: A quick cover up may be a great instant-fix, but it’s much more beneficial to target things internally! As we stated above, the sun’s rays can cause inflammation, which usually shows up as reddening of skin. This is where one of our hail mary supplements comes into play — yep, Vitamin C! Because vitamin C performs SO many functions, almost everyone can benefit from taking a vit c supplements. LivOn’s Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C (sold in-store at North Park and One Paseo!) supports a healthy immune system and helps protect cells from the damage caused by harmful free radicals. And since Vitamin C has also been shown to treat a variety of inflammatory skin conditions, you’ll start to see a healthier, more even complexion!

4. Treat your skin to a facial

Summer activities can be fun for you and your friends, but the harsh conditions (think: sun, sand, salt, chlorine ) your skin is exposed to after a day at the beach can be anything but. Pencil in some time with one of our holistic estheticians to give your skin some major TLC. So, what can you expect in the treatment room? Custom-mixed face masks with soothing Colloidal Oats and instantly calming Goats Milk Yogurt to further rebuild your moisture barrier. Maybe an extra boost of antioxidant protection with a beautiful Chamomile mixture. Whatever the state of your skin, our holistic estheticians will be able to create a facial plan to have you and your skin feeling balanced and restored!

5. Prevention for future!

We’ve all heard it before, but your esti was right: even on a cloudy day, the sun can wreak havoc on your skin! We can’t preach it enough to always be applying your sunblock at least 15 minutes before sun exposure, and to always, always, ALWAYS apply your sunblock underneath your makeup (the spf in your makeup is simply not enough). And even when we are nailing down our AM regimen, it’s important to always be reapplying throughout the day.

Ilia’s Radiant Translucent Powder is my go-to –  this blend of organic powders and healing oils is paired with their talc-free SPF 20 translucent powder, nourishing and softening your skin, while taking down shine. This compact brush is ideal for reapplying SPF throughout the day while on-the-go. Pair this with Suntegrity’s Lip C.P.R. with SPF 30 to add that pop of color, protect, and revive! This nourishing lip is creamy in color and visibly reduces the look of fine lines while zinc oxide protects without the harsh chemicals. We never leave the house without these two in our bag!

At the end of the day, no one is perfect – not even skin care experts! We may preach the gospel of sun protection, but sometimes we even slip up. We openly admit that there have been times when, despite our very best efforts, we’ve gotten sunburned — whether is was because our 10 min in the sun bare faced turned into a 2 hour peruse around the farmers market, or just that we waited a bit too long to reapply at the beach. We have all been there a time or two. But now we’re sending you off with the 411 on all things sun protection! Whether it’s properly preparing yourself for a day at the beach, or doing everything you can to heal that burn – we hope you have taken some valuable info with you. Now go, reapply that sunscreen!



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