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Rose Geranium Hydrosol


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Botnia’s power plant. This universal hydrosol helps address the signs of breakouts, redness, and dehydration. Healing and hormone balancing rose geranium leaves offer you a hydrating and balancing hydrosol. 100% of the rose geranium for this hydrosol was harvested from the Botnia micro-farm in Sausalito, CA.

Botnia Spray Pump sold separately.

The story of the harvest, from Botnia founder Justine:

“Rose geranium is my PFF (Plant Friend Forever)

My romance with this beautiful plant started when I decided to make skincare. I was looking for a plant that was gentle, soft, and kind to the skin. A plant that aromatically was pleasing and, most of all, effective for treating a range of skin concerns. This is when I met rose geranium, a scented geranium that secretes its vital essence from its leaves and not its flowers (although those smell amazing too)! 

When I started my own skincare garden, rose geranium was the first plant I planted, lining our pathways so when you walked through the garden and brushed by it you’d smell its herbaceous, rosy aroma. Rose geranium soon found its way into most of our skincare as a part of our preserving system. This beautiful plant is also known for its robust immune system. We distill rose geranium, capturing its immune system in a bottle to be delivered as support to your skin. I like to think about hydrosols as skin vitamins, and there is no vitamin more apt for dry, sensitive, hormonally compromised skin than rose geranium hydrosol. Best used after washing and before moisturizing or throughout the day as a skin refresher. 

This year’s hydrosol was 100% grown on our own micro-farm in Sausalito, tucked into the side of the mountains at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, tenderly cared for and harvested by the Botnia team. These rose geraniums are also a part of my home, where Botnia’s micro-farm resides. It’s such a joy to watch closely as nature grows and evolves through the seasons, seeing how our harvests in the fall and winter months give way to new life and flowers in the spring. We harvest those rose geranium flowers for our Replenishing Facial Oil, and then in the fall again, they give us their tender leaves for this hydrosol. A cycle of life and healing. My hope is when you use your hydrosol that you do so with good health and that you feel the beauty of this plant as a daily reminder of your own beauty. From my home to yours.

Xoxo, Justine”

Spray directly onto the skin after cleansing and before moisturizing, morning and night.

For best results, store your product in a cool, dark, and dry place and close the container tightly.

Rose geranium – a bacteria-balancer that soothes irritation with a sweet, green aroma.
Hydrosol – has humectant properties, helping to retain moisture in the skin.

Full Ingredient List: Pelargonium Graveolens (Rose Geranium) Hydrosol.


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After struggling with cystic acne from the age of 14, Justine, began studying holistic esthetics and founded Botnia – a plant based skin care line with minimal ingredients and maximum results. Botnia thinks about every aspect of the product creation process and go to great lengths with every bottle that ships out of their lab, starting with organic soil and seed quality through growing to harvest, drying, and finally processing each botanical in their own lab. We use their botanical extracts and compounds to custom-mix masks in our spa!

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