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MUDWTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, mud gives you natural energy, focus and more without the jitters and crash.

How To Use

Take a tablespoon and drop it into hot water. Add whatever you’d like. Some like it with a dab of honey, some get frothy with their favorite milk. You could try it bullet proof or just add some coconut oil. It goes great in smoothies and protein shakes but don’t be afraid to keep it OG and drink it straight up. Ya done? Ok, now stir it up. Yeah, stir that magic powder up real well for before enjoying like the legend you are.


Cacao Masala Chai Turmeric Sea Salt Cinnamon
Chaga Cordyceps Reishi Lions Mane + Nothing Else


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the Brand

Made as a coffee alternative, MUD\WTR is an amalgam of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young around the world for their benefits. Packed with adaptogenic mushroom compounds, each ingredient serves a specific purpose for health and performance.

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