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Happy Endings


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A sensual bite of chocolate to support intimate moments and long term sexual wellness.

One square suits most.

Enjoy one dose of Happy Ending daily to improve sexual wellness. For immediate arousal, indulge at least 30 minutes before a sexual experience.

Cordyceps mushrooms -known as the “mushroom of the body” for its ability to improve energy, vitality and stamina. It does this by improving blood circulation and hormonal balance which can improve sexual function and satisfaction.+
Ashwaghanda root -posesses powerful adaptogenic properties and a long history of aiding sexual health.
Maca root – has been used for thousands of years to increase sex drive, improve fertility and decrease stress levels.
Tribulus -improves sex drive across all genders by freeing bonded testosterone in the body so that it can be utilized in moments of arousal.
Mucuna – heightens sex drive, increases testosterone production, improves arousal time, increases sperm count in men, and strengthens orgasms in women. Mucuna also improves endurance for men.
Horny goat weed -has a proven track record for reducing fatigue, improving energy levels and increasing blood flow which heightens libido with sustained daily use.
Damiana -critical for improving stamina and also increases libido for all genders by preventing testosterone from being converted into estrogen.
Cayenne pepper -a vasodilator that can stimulate arousal by increasing blood flow and improving circulation in erogenous zones.
Ceylon cinnamon -improves hormone levels that increase sexual function and satisfaction.

Full Ingredient List: Fairly traded organic dark chocolate, organic Cordyceps from 100% fruiting body mushrooms, ashwaganda, maca, horny goat weed, munuca, damiana, tribulus, cayenne pepper and ceylon cinnamon. Together, these ingredients deliver an immediate boost to pleasure and arousal while improving long-term sexual function for all genders.

Vegan | gluten-free | dairy-free | kosher.

Allergens: Coconut Processed on shared equipment and may contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, or soy.


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alice decadent chocolate treats combine the best organic, fruiting-body mushrooms with the best nootropics and adaptogens. This union pairs the long-term benefits of mushrooms with the immediate effects of the nootropics, and the delights of fungi. The result is an indulgent daily routine that’s good for you and only gets better with time.

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