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Be Well

You Can Have Both: December at Shop Good!

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Well, here we are. We made it to December, Shop Good family!

Pause what you’re doing right now. Place your phone down or fingertips off your mouse pad. Take a deeeeeep breath, filling both your chest and belly, and give yourself a huge hug as you exhale and drop into that open space with your eyes closed. You’ve endured a LOT this year. Take this moment to acknowledge how you’ve grown, molded and cared for yourself to meet the challenges of 2020. It’s not a small feat, but you’re here, undoubtedly stronger than you were this time last year. Give yourself some love, beauty.

Before we gain some satisfaction in putting this year to bed, the holidays are in full swing! Except they look a little different this year, don’t they? Plane tickets cancelled, party dresses stashed in the back of our closets and our favorite holiday red lipstick out of rotation for the foreseeable future. All of this can feel limiting, isolating and just plain heavy during a time traditionally filled with togetherness + cheer.

My hope is that Shop Good has been able to show up for you and cheer you on when things have felt tough. So, let’s power through this month together and find the gifts hidden in this ongoing challenge. Because, it’s my belief that ‘WE CAN HAVE BOTH’ – a special AND safe holiday season. Stay with me here…

We can put on a full face of makeup even though we’ve got nowhere to go.
We can indulge at home while taking the steps to rebalance the next day.
We can feel connected to one another even though we must be socially distant.
We can feel excitement for the holidays while also grieving the hardships of this year.

Not only is it written on our shop walls, but it’s our theme of the month for this final hurrah of the year. You can have both!

And Shop Good will be here until the ball drops, reminding you of this. Plus, we’ll be giving you the tools to keep things convenient (book our Shop Good Hotline for a virtual personal shopping experience), providing you with the space to keep things bright (sign up for our Spa Night In!), and making gifting self-care to your loved ones easier than ever before (we’ve got the healthiest and swooth-worthiest gifts around).

Let’s find joy in getting comfy at home, snuggling up with our favorite self-care rituals and treating ourselves with love and kindness. Mask up, pop on your favorite sweatsuit, steep your favorite organic tea and go ahead, swipe that on red lipstick if you want to. Together, let’s focus on the gifts in our challenges.

Welcome to December, the final month of the 2020 marathon, at Shop Good!

– Leah