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Reduce Toxicity with Clean Cosmetics

Your Body Knows the Difference

You honor your body.  You do your best to feed it well, and you’re committed to making your health a priority.  

Rock on.

But when it comes to your skin and beauty routine, you question the products you use and know very little about the ingredients you put on your body every day.

Did you know that you absorb more than 60% of what you brush, rub, dab, swipe and scrub onto your body?  

So, yes, your skincare is just as important as what you choose to eat.  

We know.  That MAC foundation stays on all day long, and your L’Occitane hand lotion smells divine, but companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient they wish.  And that means hiding inside your tube of lipstick could be fire retardant, coal tar and lead, all commonly used ingredients in today’s personal care items.  

Not so sexy.  

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could find clean cosmetics and natural skincare products that WORK while still feeling amazing and empowered about the ingredients we are absorbing into our system?  

A crucial piece of our founder, Leah’s, healing journey was to eliminate all toxic and chemically laden personal care items.  And over time, she’s made herself the expert on clean cosmetics, non-toxic beauty products and natural skincare.  She’s tracked down the brands that cheerlead healthy bodies and provide transparency on ingredients used.

Most importantly, she’s found the products that actually produce RESULTS.  

100% natural face wash that keeps bacteria at bay and brightens like the sun.  Non-toxic mascara that trumps any big-name brand we’ve ever used.  

And organic, hand cold-pressed serum that’s nothing less than a tall glass of refreshing water for your skin.

SHOP GOOD brings you a carefully curated assortment of the best of the best in clean cosmetics, natural skincare and lifestyle products.

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