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We’ve Got You: The Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide


The pressure is ON, right?

Gift giving can verge on feeling like a sport– one in which time is of the essence, and the rules aren’t very clear aka what do people really want (??)

We’re rooting for you to WIN this holiday season, so without further adieu, here’s a roundup of presents(all under $60!) that honor each special someone on your list. Guided by Good Life spirit, these gifts celebrate the wellness lover inside all of us, but are most importantly, fun + functional. (pst, you can so have both!)


Clean Beauty Boss Sweatshirt

The coziest and chic-est thing to hit Shop Good this holiday season, and a totally original gift for all the women in your life who OWN their gorgeous-ness + empowered, beauty purchases. 

Texture Magazine Subscriptions

We’re all hooked on Netflix for TV, but what about if you’re hooked on the glossys? Texture is the answer for all of your magazine-obsessed friends– for a monthly subscription, you have access to 200+ magazines on your tablet. Genius, and eco-friendly!

Cocokind Organic Brow Balm

If 2017 is THE year she is growing out her brows, help her get a leg up with this cocoa-tinted brow balm that utilizes our favorite-for-everything, coconut oil, for thick & totally chic arches. 

Art of Organics Wellness Box

We haven’t been shy about how much we love Art of Organics (have you checked out our interview with founder, Claire?!) A subscription to her monthly wellness boxes will be the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. 

Sensory Flotation Tank Session

Do you prefer giving experiences instead? Look no further than sensory deprivation tanks– a name that sounds more intense than it is (if you’ve got Qs, listen to this interview with LA Just Float owner on That’s So Retrograde). It’s a tranquil 30-60 minute session of just breathing and meditating, and blissing out. We like to call it the ultimate OM present. 


Good Life Prescriptions 

If you want to be the ultimate problem solver for your BFF, look no further than Good Life’s new prescriptions. Whether it was that last glass of red that’s troubling her in the morn’, or if she’s looking for the next statement lip color– you will take care of it. Our expertly curated “prescriptions” are solving the classic holiday woes, beautifully (of course). 

Headspace Subscription

Want to REALLy solve it all for somebody you love? Give them the tools to meditate! This genius app provides 10 minute, digestible guided meditations, so that you can sit with your thoughts, breathe deep and tackle any obstacle in a proactive, as opposed to reactive, manner. 2017 will be THEIR year, no doubt! 

Live A Lot Chocolates 

….which pairs oh so nicely with something a little sweet and a whole lot elevated: these chocolate squares are chockfull of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms, helping everyone soar into the day and avoid the sugar crash. 

Moon Deli, “The Good Vibes Set”

You may love yourself a good AM morning elixir, but have your gal pals drank the transformational Kool Aid? Help them get started with this aptly named “good vibes” package, filled with calming ashwagandha, balancing maca and transcendent gotu kola. 


Activated Charcoal 

If you want to be a little cheeky, sneak a little “coal” in everybody’s stocking. This hangover helper/skin savior will have the last laugh though, as we swear by this detoxifying powerhouse– we’re talking zero breakouts and nary a bubbly headache in sight. 

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