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The Gut-Skin Connection

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We’ve officially started soaking up allll the holiday vibes. But, this merry (and stressful slash indulgent) time of year can be tough on our gut and bring about some not-so-cheery skin woes along with it.

Countless studies have proven that the health of our gut directly impacts our body’s immune response + mental state. It *also* has a direct affect on our complexion. Thus, if our gut is inflamed due to issues like emotional stress, hormonal imbalances or excess sugar intake, our skin may respond in the form of breakouts, flakiness, eczema, premature aging, sensitivity and more.

Follow along for my tops ways to boost your gut health for healthy skin during this *unique* holiday season.

For a Lit-From-Within Glow:

1. Manage Your Stress Levels /
I know, I know, this is a challenging one, but listen up! Mitigating our stress levels can do wonders for our gut + complexion, as chronic stress can damage the skin’s protective antimicrobial barrier, alter our gut microflora, contribute to systemic inflammation and accelerate the breakdown of collagen.

Some ways to do this may include meditation, nature walks, clocking in hours of quality zzz’s, incorporating essential oils, and using facial tools. Managing waves of heavy stress by incorporating these (seemingly small) feats can greatly benefit our wellbeing. Set aside some time tomorrow morning to practice one of these effective cortisol-reducing techniques for a soothing (+ glowy!) start to your day.

Reach for Vitruvi’s ‘Lavender Essential Oil’ or Honeybelle ‘Rose Quartz Gua Sha.’

2. Feed Your *Good* Bacteria /
One of the best ways to restore an unbalanced gut (and simultaneously support skin from within) is with a daily probiotic. Probiotics populate live beneficial bacteria back into our gut, supporting our immunity and overall wellbeing. Consistent use of a quality probiotic can help reduce the appearance of inflammation, redness + irritation on the skin andhelp defend against age-accelerating stressors. Plus, they’ve been shown to keep skin conditions like acne and rosacea at bay, too!

Reach for Ora Organics ‘Trust Your Gut’ for your daily internal support. It’s a must!

3. Get Your Greens In /
While the indulgences of the holiday season should be enjoyed (hello, we’d never ask you to forgo your annual glass of eggnog this year), try to balance with a diet consisting of lots of dark leafy greens (spinach! chard!), healthy fats (like chia seeds + coconut oil) and (mmm) hearty bone broths to ensure you’re still gifting your gut the nutrients, essential fatty acids and amino acids your gut needs to thrive.

Can’t seem to load your plate with greens? Try reaching for The Beauty Chef’s ‘Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder’ or Sun Potion ‘Chlorella’ for a fast greens boost.

4. Treat Yourself to a Holistic Facial – or book a Virtual or In-Person Skin Consult! 

Gut imbalances can show up on the skin in many mysterious ways – but you don’t have to solve this gut-skin puzzle alone. Book a facial at our San Diego spas* for a truly holistic approach to your #skingoals. Paired with a thorough intake form covering your diet, sleep patterns, stress and lifestyle factors, our Estheticians will be able to analyze your skin up close and help you get to the bottom of your skin and wellness woes. After all, we can’t talk about the outside without addressing the inside, too.

* Due to the recent re-closure of our spas, we suggest booking a virtual or in-person skin consult with our Holistic Estheticians! 


We can all use a little gut + skin boost as we approach the finish line of this wild and crazy year. When our gut is happy, our skin is, too.

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