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Supplements for your skin


When we say the word “skincare”, we immediately think of the topical: the serums, moisturizers, masks + more! But, if you know us well, you know we believe that treating the skin is a holistic effort; one that encompasses our internal state, too. Here’s our quick quide to great skin, from within!

The supplements to support your skin:

1. Omega-3: Add this essential fatty acid into your daily routine to keep your skin hydrated, reduce UV damage + inflammation. For those acneic skin types, a daily dose of omega-3’s can regulate hormones like testosterone, which trigger the overproduction of sebum. Want all the benefits, sans the animal source? Try our vegan-alternative made from pure algae and cold-pressed flaxseed oil. 

Try: Simris Algae Omega-3

2. Tocotrienols: A rich source of vitamin E, tocos is a rice-bran soluble, meaning it has the ability to heal and replenish damaged skin from oxidative stress + boost collagen production. Mix this power into coffee or tea for a creamer-like texture. We’re obsessed with its creamy flavor.. and the way our skin appears to plump when consuming regularly!

Try: Sun Potion Tocos

3. Pearl: Optimal for longevity, this super-powder is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, selenium + amino acids. Benefits include improved collagen production, increased antioxidants, decreased inflammation and a brighter + more luminous complexion – hello glow!

Try: Sun Potion Pearl Powder

4. Vitamins C, D & E: Essential for cellular function + vitality, the combination of these vitamins provides a powerful boost of antioxidants, supports against free radical damage + boosts collagen synthesis. Winning!

Try: Moon Juice SuperBeauty

5. Probiotics: The connection between our gut and skin (aka the gut-skin axis) is major. Did you know acne, inflammation + irritation are most often caused by an imbalance in the gut? Keep your skin clear, from the inside out, with a pre + probiotic supplement to reduce bad bacteria + help good bacteria flourish.

Try: Ora Organics Trust Your Gut

6. Collagen: You’ve likely heard this one before. As we age, our own collagen halts production, which can lead to dryness and those fine lines + wrinkles appearing.

Increase your skin’s strength by adding a scoop to your daily smoothie or morning bevy. Yes, we have vegan and non-vegan options.

Try: Girl & the Sea Marine Collagen or Moon Juice Collagen Protect


Have additional supplement Q’s? Book a Virtual or In-Person Consult with Lauren!

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