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Take on Your Summertime Calendar with Adaptogens

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By: Juana Diez, Shop Good Product Expert

What’s your Summer calendar looking like?  Smooth sailing or a tricky balancing act? If you’re anything like us, we’re saying yes to it all — weekend getaways, hosting friends and family, summer soireés (psst 7/28 @ Shop Good!) and more. But having too much on our plate can suddenly knock us off our feet when we least expect it, and our energy levels, stress levels, sleep patterns…and yep, even our skin, can be forced to pay the price.

While we can’t give you a magic #balance pill to bring your body back to homeostasis post-summer fun, we can suggest inviting adaptogens into your life.

Don’t know them well enough yet? Let us make the introduction. We think you’ll be an especially good match if you cringe at the thought of giving up your morning cold brew, feel tired despite some extra summer zzz’s, or if you generally experience repetitive stress on a daily basis (cue hand raise!..  Incorporating one (or, go for it – five!) each day will bring on that summertime balance that your energy levels, adrenals, thyroid, digestion, hormones, mental clarity and mood have always dreamed of!

What are Adaptogens?

You’ve likely heard this wellness buzzword before – but what exactly are adaptogens? Do they really work?

Adaptogens are far from a fad! Dating back thousands of years, these herbs and mushrooms have been heralded in the ancient healing cultures of China, Russia, Japan, and Korea, and have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Their power comes from their ability to work with our neuro-hormonal system to promote internal homeostasis and nourish our adrenal glands – keeping our hormones, blood sugar, and blood pressure balanced as a result, despite our external circumstances.


Why do I need them?

Let’s be real – stress has unfortunately become a household name in our modern world. This continual and vicious cycle of stress (with a capital S), caffeine,sugar and lack of sleep or time for self-care puts the body in a constant state of “fight or flight”. This wreaks havoc on our internal systems over chronic periods of time. Symptoms can show up in the form of poor digestion, accelerated aging, anxiety, stubborn weight-gain, hormone imbalances and adrenal fatigue.

This is where adaptogens shine – working like a thermostat to help revitalize, restore and respond accordingly (psst – “adapt” is in their name!). Adaptogens can calm you down and give you an energy boost simultaneously, without overstimulating. They work slowly and gently in our system, healing from the inside to counteract the harmful effects of mental, physical, and emotional stress. Even though their effects may seem subtle initially, they’re undeniably real!

A round-up of our hall of famers. 

To familiarize you with a few of the most common and game-changing adaptogens out there, here’s a list, including their promoted benefits.

Astragalus: promotes skin health, muscle tone, metabolism and digestion, increase energy levels, anti-inflammatory, protects the liver – try it in Moodbeli’s Energy Tonic!

Cordyceps: muscle tone, mental clarity, oxygenation of the body, endurance, support the thyroid, lungs and brain, increased energy and stamina.

Rhodiola: oxygenation of the body, supports balanced weight and metabolism, mental clarity, strengthens immunity, promotes creativity – also in Moodbeli’s Energy Tonic!

Pine Pollen: promotes hormone balance, detoxes the liver, metabolism and digestion, creativity and libido, circulation, endurance.

Tocotrienols or Tocos: known as the skin replenisher and can help reduce signs of aging to its richness in Vitamin E, which strengthens and rebuilds connective tissue and elasticity in the skin.  Tocos may also increase energy, promote healthy blood flow, and help flush toxins out of the body and skin. Try it in our Blue Green Protein blend – it has a delightful vanilla flavor!

Mucuna Pruriens: mood-booster, enhance brain-function, refine senses, supports balance in the nervous system, potent source of antioxidants,

Ashwagandha: a powerful whole-system balancer that can strengthen immune system, support hormone balance and brain function, bring stress relief, promote restful sleep and increase sexual function – try it in Moodbeli’s Calming Adaptogen blend.


How do I take them?

Adaptogens can be found in a variety of forms, including powders, capsules, tinctures or teas. The fun part is choosing the form of adaptogens that best fits your lifestyle. Smoothie savvy? Drop Moodbeli powders into your blender for an added wellness boost. Always out of time? Pop a capsule on the way into work to ease your way into your Monday morning meeting. Experts do say to give yourself a day off once a week from your adaptogens of choice. This allows your body to naturally mimic the balance that adaptogens can bring to your system.

We wouldn’t leave you without a recipe! Here’s one that will have you marching into the Summer Sun equipped and ready to keep in balance amongst it all. 

With good vibes emanating all around, whip up this morning tonic to help banish brain fog and awaken your body:


-16 ounces of your favorite nut milk, heated

-1 tablespoon of Sunfood’s Raw Cacao Powder

– Pinch of cinnamon

– Pinch of Sunfood’s Himalayan Pink Salt

-1 teaspoon of Moodbeli’s Energy Tonic (loaded with Rhodiola, Astragalus, and Maca)

– Sweeten with Raw Honey to taste

Whip ingredients in a blender. Sip this magical adaptogenic elixir slowly, and enjoy your way to a more balanced YOU! 

Questions about adaptogens and how they’ll work with your bio-individuality? Our product experts and Certified Holistic Health Coaches are here ready to support! Email us at or give us a call at the Shop! 619-501-5362. 

*Photos via @moodbeli

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