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Shop Good Wellness Spa Launches New Services


On March 30th, 2018, Shop Good Wellness facials and additional holistic waxing services will be available for booking! Wellness treatments are available at our San Diego location and are provided by our in-house Holistic Esthetician.

About Our Facials

Shop Good facials are performed using Botnia Skincare, comprised of various organic herbal compounds, hydrosols, oils, and tinctures. Every treatment is customized personally by our Holistic Esthetician to assist you in achieving your skin care goals. Each facial includes a deep cleanse and professional aha/bha exfoliation. Every step of your facial is completely tailored to your bio-individuality from start to finish.

All of our products used are free of: cruelty, gluten, nuts, soy, phthalates, parabens and are always sustainably sourced. Vegan facials are available upon request.

Here’s a few commonly asked questions as we transition to our new menu!

Q: What Happened to the Facials on Your Original Menu?

A: You’ll still see our signature Shop Good facials on our menu, which are based on time only. Your treatment is customized from start to finish as our esthetician live-mixes your entire facial depending on what your skin needs at that time.

Q: So What Are Wellness Facials?

A: Our new Wellness Facials are an extension of our signature custom 75 minute facial. Considering the body as a whole, our Wellness Facials are specially curated incorporating various holistic modalities and tools to focus on optimizing health and harmonizing skin.

Q: What Changed on Your Waxing Menu?

A: We’ll continue offering brow and upper-lip waxing, but we’re super excited to extend our menu into Yoni Waxing and Steaming. It’s important to us to keep the holistic and wellness-centric nature of each of our treatments. This is why each Yoni Wax will include a steam of custom blended herbs to tend to your vaginal health!

Find our entire Wellness Spa Menu below and grab your calendar to carve out some self care now! BOOK HERE.



45 Minute Signature Facial

A quickie for those tight on time! This mini facial is perfect for a fast refresh, deep cleanse, quick glow and some gentle TLC.  Extractions not included, however can be added-on for $10 . ($75)

60 Minute Signature Facial

The classic and complete reset for your skin. This service includes a deep cleanse, exfoliating enzyme treatment, extractions, massage and a custom curated mask for a healthy glow. ($100)

75 Minute Signature Facial

A deep treatment with critical focus on specific skin concerns; it’s the ultimate experience in results driven pampering. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliating enzyme treatment, extractions, a customized mask and is finished with a luxurious neck, hand and foot massage to reduce inflammation in the nervous system. Also including a complementary custom blended take-home herbal steam to maintain skin in between treatments. ($125)


TCM Cupping & Gua Sha Facial

A traditional Chinese medicine facial utilizing ancient techniques! Experience cupping, a lifting technique using glass cups, paired with gua sha, a gentle grazing technique using a stone tool, together, to improve overall circulation and suppleness to the skin also moving any stagnation. ($150)

CBD Facial

Starting with a cannabis oil ingestible tincture (non- psychoactive), this facial integrates San Diego-based Cordial Organics antioxidant CBD oil into every step of the treatment. This facial is designed to reduce any inflammation and calm nerves throughout the body, achieving an overall feeling of relaxation and a soothed complexion. ($150)

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

As seen on The Skinny Confidential, lymphatic drainage is a cleansing modality that detoxes the body by flushing stagnant toxins. This treatment includes a manual stimulation of the lymphatic system and a dry brushing of the arms and legs, designed to achieve a balanced complexion and a healthy glow. ($150)

Crystal Healing Facial

Using resonance and vibration, along with the positive and negative charge of crystals, allow your face and whole body to be gridded by the frequency of an assortment of healing crystals. Achieving a feeling of attunement in the chakras and a healed complexion. ($150)

Seasonal Feature Facial

As life is made of seasons, our skin changes with seasons and can experience various conditions with the ever-shifting elements. Thus, our skin requires rebalancing and harmonizing to prevent susceptibility to environmental variations. Ask us about our seasonal feature facials designed to harmonize your skin with the seasons. ($150)


Brow Shaping

Including an all-natural eyebrow henna to create a bold, defined brow, and using an azulene oil based wax renowned for its calming properties. A relaxing acupressure massage around eyes is incorporated to reduce puffiness and redness, finished with a spritz of a floral hydrosol specifically tailored to skin type. ($35)

Just brow henna- $20

Add upper lip- $15

Yoni Wax  

Most commonly referred to as a “brazilian wax”. Yoni is the sanskrit word for vagina/vulva/womb/sacred space. Groom your sacred center using an all-natural, organic, environmentally friendly sugar wax. A complementary yoni steam is included. ($75)

Yoni Steam

An ancient practice utilizing the wisdom of plant medicine by letting a gentle herbal steams permeate the vulva. Helps with overall vaginal health, eases menses, improves fertility, and balances bacterium. ($50)


If you have any questions about our services or would like to book a treatment, feel free to give us a call us at 619-501-5362 or go ahead and click here.

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