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Hi, Botnia! What you need to know about our newest brand.


This morning, our Skin Remedy addicts are asking questions. “Where is our skincare savior and who is this Botnia chick that just strolled onto the pages at Shop Good?

Have no fear! Skin Remedy is still here! (Just redressed in her super chic new outfit.) We are so excited to unveil a project that our dear friend and founder of Skin Remedy, Justine Kahn has been working on for quite some time. With a new look, potent and wildly healing supplementary ingredients and even brand new products waiting to hit our counters and shelves… Botnia is our answer to all of our skincare needs and so much more.

We sat down with Justine for a quick chat and here, we’re getting you up to speed on what you need to know about the brand transition NOW.

GL: Why did you decide to rebrand Skin Remedy and how did you create the gorgeous brand name, look and feel of Botnia?

B: When I started Skin Remedy I started it with the intention to help every client through hand selected tried and true ingredients. As Skin Remedy grew so did its product line, as I started to look at what I was creating I realized that it had it’s own identity. Naming a business is a very hard thing, I really searched for the right name, I started by thinking of what the products were. Botanicals that were carefully chosen to maximize results through the lens of Science. I have always loved the word botanist, it feels like a person who spends their days admiring and studying plants and yet has whimsical undertones. I knew I had a foundation and then I know that I needed to add to it making it it’s own word. And that is when Botnia was born.

Botnia because when I think of a land where everything is as it should be it would be called Botnia, plant’s working synergistically with our bodies meeting their needs as nature intended. Botnia because it tells the story of Clayton, our plant biologist, who looks at each ingredient we choose to use through the lens of science and carefully hand makes each one of our products.

Botnia because plants are our muse.

And Finally Botnia because we are a handmade science-driven skincare line that actually works!

We can’t wait to share with you our new skincare line! And Botnia is the same amazing organic skincare you have been using loyally from Skin Remedy, all organic, all hand made but made even better.

GL: What are you most excited about in the transition into Botnia?

B: This has been a dream I started dreaming 10 years ago and getting to finally see it come to fruition is a dream come true as cheesy as that sounds. I have spent the last 6 years perfecting my skin care line and now get to release the full line under it’s own name gives me goose bumps. I’m so excited. But truly the most exciting thing is getting to help people with their skin and actually effect change. Last week I had a client come in just to say that she had been struggling with her skin for the last 10 years and had given up hope, she started using Botnia and within a month her skin was clear and healthy, she was on the verge of tears. This is what gets me up in the morning, knowing that I am able to offer people like her a healthy alternative to conventional skincare and better yet it’s super pretty and works!

GL: Are the ingredients the same as what we know and love in Skin Remedy?

We do have some fun new products with the launch, and some more coming in the spring. The newest product we are releasing is our Rose Water Toner. Roses are incredible plants, not only are they beautiful but they are anti-inflammatory they are also anti-septic and extremely gentle. We used a combination of witch hazel goldenseal, rose extract along with rose hydrosol to ph balance and soothe sensitive skin.


GL: What are the top two questions you are getting from your die-hard Skin Remedy customers? Can you answer them for us here too?

When can I buy Botnia?

The answer is Today! We have been working around the clock to get our products off the shelves and are now proud to have Botnia on the shelves at Skin Remedy and online at Shop Good along with the new very fancy Single Thread Farm and inn in Healdsburg, Ca.

What new products will you have?

We have been holding our tongues, but I can say that we are working on some really exciting formulations that we think will change the way you experience organic skin care forever.

GL: What is your favorite Botnia product and why? What should we be buying off the line asap?!

My favorite product switches all the time, because my skin care products are like my children, I love all of them. But right now I am obsessed with my Hyaluronic acid, we recently reformulated.

We linked up with Marin Roots farm (an organic and biodynamic farm in Nor Cal) and got the most insanely amazing rose geranium. My mother has a ranch in New Mexico and I have had her growing Lavender all summer long and we made this insane mix of high altitude lavender and Rose geranium into a hydrosol and then mixed that with our non-GMO soy Hyaluronic acid. Our Hydration Serum is unbelievable, I feel like my skin looks 10 years younger! Even my husband noticed a difference. I am beyond excited to be bringing you the best skin care imaginable!

Ahh, we cannot get enough of the new branding, packaging and their incredibly inspiring founder, Justine! 


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