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Save Our Post-Holiday Skin!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But, perhaps not quite the easiest for our skin. It’s not only the charcuterie plates + bubbly on heavy rotation. Amplified feelings of stress while distancing from family… or feeling even more distant from your ideal self-care routine can result in more skin woes than usual.

But, in true Shop Good fashion we’re *still* here to remind you that you can have both; you CANindulge this holiday season while loving up on your skin the morning after.

Keep reading for the ‘skin rescue’ plan that will leave you feeling vibrant, refreshed + brighter after a merry night…Just in time for the holiday week ahead!

Bye, Bye Puffy Eyes!
Why puffy eyes? Fluid pools around the eyes due to factors like stress, poor sleep, or even foods that promote water retention (dairy or starchy, salty foods).

Honest Hazel Eye Gels include powerful ingredients like Cactus Collagen + Rose Oil to refresh tired under eyes, reduce puffiness and even brighten dark circles. Follow with a targeted eye cream like Agent Nateur Holi(Glow) Eye Serum to for the ultimate de-puff. Pro tip: pop your eye gels and serum in the fridge the night before for more instantaneous results!

Magnesium Mocktail, Please
Real talk – those adorable Christmas cookies make it *extra* hard to detour from the dessert table. But an excess intake of refined sugar can deplete the body of magnesium, affecting your sleep and digestion… Cue lackluster skin. Soothe post-holiday skin-flammation with a quality magnesium.

Moon Juice Magnesi-om offers a potent blend of 3 bioavailable forms of Magnesium to help regulate bowel movements, improve cellular regeneration + reduce inflammation. Just drop 1 teaspoon in water before bed.

Zits, Be Zapped!
The holiday season has become synonymous with breakouts. Why? When our blood-sugar rises due to excess sweets, our body is triggered to release more insulin, which then alerts our oil glands to produce more oil. (Aka clogged pores and, yep, breakout-central.)

Botnia’s Fix-Zit Mask is a powerful pimple treatment we keep in arms-reach at all times. Antibacterial ingredients like sulfur + colloidal oats work to zap zits on the spot. Pro tip: treat early breakouts with this mask as an overnight spot treatment. You’ll thank us in the AM.

A Gua Sha Detox
If you’ve noticed red, blotchy, and puffy skin the morning after a late night, this is simply your body’s response to inflammatory substances or increased water retention due to salty foods + dehydration. That’s where Honey Belle Gua Sha Stone comes to the rescue! This massage technique originates from Chinese beauty rituals and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Help your skin drain built-up fluids while simultaneously bringing fresh oxygen to the surface. Layer on your fav facial oil and practice your Gua Sha for 15-20 minutes. Notice the immediate lifted + sculpted results. Pro tip: visit our IGTV page for Gua Sha tutorials, galore!

Rest and Reflect
Repeat after us: “I deserve to rest this season.” Light a candle, draw a bath and give your skin + body gratitude for the ways it supported you in powering through 2020. Journal what you want in 2021 while treating your skin to Berlin Skin’s healing Matcha Mask, sipping on some Bon Temps Tea or practicing a breathing exercise with your go-to Vitruvi Essential Oil. A rested body and spirit = rested skin. Whatever rest looks like to you, you deserve it, babe.

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